Monday, April 30, 2012

Doll Club Day Out

 Doll club had a day out last Friday and we went to a nearby large Buddhist Temple which is open to the public. The Nan Tien Temple has beautiful and peaceful gardens, the weather was perfect and we were able to wander around and enjoy the gardens and have a delicious lunch in the vegetarian restaurant. Above is the main entrance, there is a lift behind all those steps.
 Some of the statues around the grounds.
 This little shrine is along one of the paths through the gardens.
 The main shrine.
 A ceremonial gong.
 A smaller shrine.
The Pagoda. There are also conference rooms and a lodge to stay in for a retreat and meditation rooms.
The Lotus pond but there were no flowers, wrong time of year I think. The fish rushed over, I wonder if they expected to be fed.  


  1. What a beautiful garden you visited. Wishing you a happy week!
    xo Catherine

  2. Looks lovely. An interesting place to have near you.

  3. Weather looks perfect for a visit to a beautiful shrine. Pleased to see there is a lift behind those stairs!

  4. How fascinating! One of Ken's cousins married an Asian lady who is a Buddhist, and we were invited to the wedding at a Buddhist temple in Melbourne. It was a beautiful ceremony, even though we didn't understand what tney were saying! The environment alone was worth the visit.

  5. That was certainly a very nice day ! We have a Buddha festival in the Ardennes on May 25. If the weather is good I'll go there with Ilona, it's always very nice and they serve very good Asian food !

  6. Am trying again. My comment didn't go through 3 days ago.

    So serene! Being vegetarian, can't help but wonder what your lunch is like.