Monday, June 17, 2013

Gina's Lace and My Cross Stitch

 Gina in Melbourne sent me the pretty crocheted lace you can see on the above shelves. Gina was going to put it on her kitchen shelves but thought better of it and sent it to me. I threaded the red ribbon through the lace and fixed it to the shelves with double sided tape. Thank you Gina, I think you must admit the lace belongs here and I don't know how I managed to live with bare shelves for so long.
My Bothy Threads Kings and Queens is finished and framed, I love the frame but it is slightly too small so I am still looking for a more suitable frame. Note that I managed to stitch the whole sampler with NO french knots. If you enlarge the pics you will see that all the i are dotted and all the figures have eyes. I just put in a few over stitches and the world didn't end because I can't do french knots.
My latest eBay amazing find. A top made with Coronation fabric from 1953. This top looks home made, has a few tiny holes but I think I might wear it sometimes. Wish I could find more of this fabric.
 Here is a close up, all the Royal Regalia is there including (gold coach alert) the gold coach, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the floral emblems.
 There are 5 buttons on the top, 3 down the front and 1 on each cuff. I've had these buttons in my collection for a while and will replace all the buttons with these. The coronation button will go at the top, the other buttons are from George VI coronation.
This is a Twilley's Diamond Jubilee sampler I've had in my stash for a while. For some reason I thought it a bit tricky to stitch. I only started 2 weeks ago and finished already. I think it's very pretty and so easy to stitch.
This is the doll house I thought I'd give back to the op shop but now it is fully furnished and looking so pretty I want to keep it. Well for a while anyway as I have found a place for it in my house. If I do eventually pass it on it will go unfurnished. I still have to make towels and a bath mat for the bathroom.. A bit hard to see I know but the pictures on the wall in the bedroom are of Kate and William and the wall on the left downstairs  show the Queen and Princess Diana. The frame at the back shows a very nice cat.


  1. Hi Linens and Royals - what a glorious range of photos telling us about each aspect of the pictures .. love that you have so much talent, as well as obviously a love of the Royals! ... Were the diamond studs on the pink ribbon last time I visited?!

    Cheers - what a great imagination and they all bring you so much pleasure .. great posting to see .. Hilary

  2. Your shelves look absolutely gorgeous! I agree 100% with you that the lace suits your shelf much more than it would my kitchen shelves.
    (Mind you, I still have heaps of other crocheted edging that I could cut up and use if I wanted to). I love the way you have threaded the red ribbon through the lace - sets it off perfectly!

  3. That is lovely lace and does look very nice on you shelves:)

  4. The shelf looks really "dressed up" now ! I admire this doll house ! You are are a real artist ! Nothing is missing except the corgis which are replaced by .... cats, lol !

  5. Beautiful work as always. Love all the detail in the dolls house such as the jugs/vases on the stairs. The lace is a lovely finishing touch on your display unit. That top (coat?) must have been an exciting find on ebay.

  6. Your Kings & Queens came out beautifully! BTW, my Philip and Elizabeth cushions kits arrived today!

  7. I like those buttons and I love that doll house! It would be fun rearranging the furniture all the time. Just like in real life. LOL!
    xo Catherine

  8. The dolls house looks lovely, just the right size to tidy and arrange. Unlike our people sized versions.