Sunday, June 9, 2013

Goodbye Sydney Monorail

 Sydney Monorail is closing at the end of this month and will be pulled down and lost forever. I have always loved riding the Monorail and when my oldest grandson was very young I would take him for Monorail rides. We would buy a day ticket and go round and round in a circle till we'd had enough.
Grandson T is now 21 and felt it was his duty to take me for a farewell ride with his brother A soon to be 16. Yes, that's me in the middle ready for my big day out. Obviously I forgot to take my box to stand on when out with my tall grandsons. I am just over 5ft tall and they are 6ft tall. Don't know how it happened but I think my short genes have gone forever.
 Most of the photos have been taken through a not very clean window but these are some of the views. On the left is an old ferry now turned restaurant.
 The Maritime Museum.
 The boys again. The rail for the monorail is behind and above them.
 Daughter S and mother of the boys was there too and admiring the view as we go around.....and around again as the rail is one huge circle with stations at various tourist stops.
Looking out the back window there is a great view of the car park, below that there is a tram or light rail as it's called. Also a fun ride.
 The rail goes very close to some buildings and it's possible to look in windows or on top of some buildings. The top of this building looks like it has a tin shack on top made out of bits of rubbish.
And last is the view from the train window as I went home, a bit different from all the city views.
Goodbye Monorail I'll miss you.


  1. Thank you for your well wishes and purrs. We appreciated it. Purrs!

    It's sad to close the monorail. Over here, more is being built which I am happy about.

  2. It was a grand day out. The monorail was a lovely ride around Sydney an interesting way to sightsee. It looks cute too, I shall miss it.

  3. It must be a grandmother thing. I have only been on the monorail with grandchildren. The eldest, when young, always called it the high train. The tracks were rather ugly so not sure I will miss it. I prefer the 'light rail'.

  4. Such a cute photo of you and your grandsons! Gosh ~ they are very tall...or are you very short... ;)
    That's too bad they are getting rid of the monorail. I bet a lot of people will miss it.
    Have a happy week!
    xo Catherine

  5. How sad when something nice disappears and how cute of your grandsons to take you on a last ride ! They are indeed big boys ! When I think of my 2 1/2 year old Grandson ! I will be in my 80 when he reaches your grandsons age !

  6. Hi L&R - thanks for connecting .. good to see you - gosh you are hooked into the royals and memorabilia ..

    How lovely for those lovely grandsons to have had a ride with you on the Monorail before it closes and is demolished for good - Sydney's a vibrant city, so I'm sure they'll provide some good alternatives ..

    Cheers Hilary

  7. Now I'm nostalgic and I've never ridden the monorail. Glad you shared the experience.