Wednesday, November 13, 2013

George V Charles Diana Samplers and Queen Curtains

 I think I bought this stamped and waiting to be embroidered sampler from America about 2 years ago. I have just finished and framed it. I made an educated? guess and decided it was meant for the Silver Jubilee of George V. I printed on calico with the help of my computer the picture of George V. It covers up a maple leaf so the sampler probably originated in Canada. Sorry Canada you missed your chance and the maple leaf has gone. The frame is from my favourite frame shop, the local Salvation Army op. shop.
 A beautiful Charles and Diana tapestry, a recent ebay purchase it has lots of interesting stitches, I was the only bidder so it was a bargain. Has everyone forgotten Charles and Diana? Not me.
 Another ebay bargain, I'm sure there are lots more C&d samplers out there waiting to join my collection.
 Was feeling my house is still not Royal enough. Example, boring dusty curtains hanging limply for at least 10 years.
 Boring matching chair. Well I made the curtains and covered the chairs so only myself to blame.
 Now look what I found in Spotlight. Fabric that looks like British 16p stamps with the Queen's head. I bought what was left on the roll, only 4.5 meters but enough for my plans. Old curtains in the bin and new ones hanging in no time at all. My ladder issues were forgotten as I nimbly leapt up and down the ladder and didn't fall off once.
Four chairs covered to match curtains, easy to do with my staple gun.
This makes my house even more ROYAL and will keep me happy for a little while.
Now, if only Charlotte would let me have a Corgi.
I will have another talk with Charlotte when she wakes from her 12 hour power nap.


  1. All looks good. Curtains and chairs came up well, very bright and cheery. It is alright to sit on all those Queen heads isn't it?

  2. Oh Sylvia! You are so clever! I saw that fabric at Spotlight the day I bought my sewing machine case, and thought of you immediately. I was momentarily tempted to buy a metre just for fun, but there was so much other fabric that was also calling me. In the end I didn't buy any. Will power? No - this is Won't Power, lol!
    You would not be alone in remembering Charles and Diana. Their brief marriage is likely to be the subject of books and movies for years to come, just like JFK and Jackie, and any other famous couple you can name.

  3. Your skills never cease to amaze me. Now add curtain making and chair covering. Not sure about a corgi - they look just the right height to trip over; that is if you haven't already fallen off the ladder.

  4. That is very fun material! Perhaps you could get a stuffed corgi...certainly Charlotte would approve of that? ;)
    xo Catherine

  5. Wow, these are real royal chairs now ! I could never forget Diana, (Charles I see on TV) when I think what they did to this poor girl, but thanks to her at least her son and his wife have a nearly "normal" life !

  6. Fun post...the chairs are a hoot.
    Could it be that you bought the George V from me? In Canada! The maple leaf gone?????

  7. I love the new curtains and chairs...lovely and bright. I agree get a stuffed corgi:)

  8. Hi Sylvia .. what a lovely tapestry .. fun to see. The fabric for the curtains and chairs is amazing - well done ..

    Cheers Hilary