Sunday, November 24, 2013

George V Child's Tea Set and Lots More

 A child's tea set from the Coronation of George V and Queen Mary in 1911. Still in the original box. An amazing find on eBay in the U.K  and I love having it an my collection.
 Finished decorating my latest doll house, this one has a more Royal theme. I used some of my precious coronation wallpaper and I made the curtains and bedspread from Charles and Diana wedding fabric from 1981. A William and Kate engagement picture hangs on the wall.
 The rest of the house is furnished from the doll house I sent to the op shop. I only have space for 3 houses, the stairs make a good display unit for my small collection of Limoges miniatures.
 All these papers are 12th scale doll house size papers bought on eBay and scattered around various rooms.
Update on chairs. No law states my chairs must all match so I covered 2 to match the curtains and 2 with London fabric I bought from the Cath Kidston shop at Covent Garden some years ago. I only bought half a metre so have at last found a use for it.
 I bought this pillowcase a few weeks ago thinking it was perfect for me. Charlotte thinks it was meant for her. After a long battle we have agreed to share. Charlotte is having her turn.
The first stitches are in my Teresa Gil challenge, I couldn't wait till next year. Lots of half stitches back stitching and beading to be done.
The beads and more hard to find threads I bought from Lucy at who has been a great help. I still have 3 lots of beads on order


  1. I particularly like the tea set and the dolls' house papers. The dolls' house looks very regal, maybe a palace not a house. You are good to have started your 2014 challenge early. I haven't even decided what my challenge is or if I will have one. Also pleased to read that you are not fighting with Charlotte but have agreed to share.

  2. Hi Silvia .. you really do have an amazing collection and are so creative with your hands: needle and thread .. lovely to see ... Cheers Hilary

  3. I like your collection. The Teas et is lovely and the dollhouse is wonderful!
    Charlotte indeed looks like a queen there on the pillow!
    Wow that will become surely a wonderful embroidery Picture!

  4. Charlotte looks very may have lost your turn for good:)

  5. I used to love playing with my little glass tea set when I was a little girl. And still love tea to this day!!
    Wishing you and Charlotte a most wonderful week!
    xo Catherine

  6. That tea set is a real bargain ! and you are such an artist when it comes to your doll houses ! they are so cozy, that I just want to move in !

  7. The chairs look cheerful. The dolls house looks great.

  8. Love your dollhouse i want to live there :)

  9. Love your dollhouse i want to live there :)