Thursday, April 17, 2014

Giveaway Mystery Revealed and Royal Fame for Me

 Well no one guessed my mystery object so I will just have to keep it. And here it is revealed. It goes on the end of a broom.
 When you are sweeping and spot a bit of dust or a spider on a picture frame it can be swiftly dealt with by the fluffy thing on the end of your broom.
Dust on the skirting board? No problem just turn the broom upside down (being careful not to knock a rare object to the floor or hit the cat sitting nearby)  and no more dust! Now I know you'll all want one but this is now mine to keep.
 A popular magazine .
 Open it up and here I am. Another 5 minutes of fame for me. I've covered up my last name, my age and my suburb. If you want to know those classified details you will need to buy the magazine. Enlarge the pic. and you might be able to read about me. A journalist contacted me and wrote the story and I was paid $300 not $2000. A lot of fun though and the result isn't too bad
No more wall space so now I must use doors. The blue and yellow towel on the left is a Royal Visit 1954 towel I found on eBay last week. Never seen that one before so had to have it. The green and yellow towel above it is from the Melbourne Olympics 1956. Not Royal I know but so rare and a bargain I had to have it.
The towels on the right are Royal Visit 1954, Coronation 1937 and a Charles and Diana beach towel. Sadly some of my doors are sliding doors so can't be used but the ceiling is still vacant.
Charlotte is a bit sad because she wasn't in the magazine. She posed among the swans last night patiently waiting for me to notice her and get the camera.


  1. Congratulations ! That's wonderful, I saved the picture and made it bigger so that I could read the text ! You must be the only person in whole Australia (or even in the world) with such a huge collection !
    The broom top is great ! Never ever thought about such a practical thing ! Now I should make one, lol !

  2. Well first off - that little fuzzy tool - very handy!

    And how fun to be featured in the magazine! Very cool! Perhaps the Queen herself will want to go for a tour of your house - which in that case - Miss Charlotte best be making sure she gets her 5 minutes of fame too!

    xo Catherine

  3. Congratulatons. Thought the article was excellent. Better luck next time Charlotte. The broom handle duster is a brilliant idea.

  4. At least I will have an excuse for not dusting! Congrats on your magazine appearance. Nice to be interviewed.

  5. Well, no wonder none of us guessed! Something invented by clever Miss Sylvia herself :-) Such a neat idea. I can't knit as you know, but I wonder if I salvaged some small knitted item at the opshop (beanie or scarf?) I might be able to recycle it into something like your original.
    I looked for Take Five on the day you indicated in your email and found the magazine, but it was Issue No.16, not 17. Should I keep looking or is your article in no.16?

  6. Congratulations!!!!

    I would never have guessed your mystery object in a bazillion years.....:)

  7. I love your article! Please let us know how this weekend goes! I hope you see Prince George.

  8. Congratulations! You should be rightfully proud. (And I love your duster invention!)