Sunday, April 27, 2014

Teresa Gil Queen Cross Stitch Update and More

 Still a long way from being finished but I hit a bit of a slump with the skirt. Thought I would stitch the face and hair to encourage myself. I am very pleased with the result, the face wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be. No unpicking was involved. Remember this is 14count Aida and not the linen or evenweave Teresa recommends. Anyone thinking of stitching in 14ct, this proves it can be done. Now I must get back to the skirt and face the French knots.
My new rug, perfect in front of my large cabinet. No label stating where it was made or what it is made of but it does look good quality. It came from America and was very inexpensive. The post cost was-well I won't talk about that. I rarely buy from America because of the cost of postage and the length of time parcels take to arrive. This one took 10 days. Not bad America.
 Plastic spoons from the Royal Visit 1954 with Elizabeth and Philip on the top. Very unusual item to have in my collection.
I think I must have been a magpie in a previous life. If something is shiny, sparkly and cheap then I must have it. Two brooches from the op shop for only a few dollars I've decided to display them on my latest tea cosy.
Well I always did prefer quantity over quality. Now on the lookout for more sparkle.
Thursday is half price day at my local Salvos. store. I will be there.
Sad story and advice needed. Christmas before last I decided to dress up my old Patsy doll and placed tinsel around her neck. This is the result. I have tried every cleaning method I can think of but the marks can't be shifted. 'Patsy by Palitoy' Made in England was released about 1952 and I have had her since then. She is made of an early plastic/vinyl and the red seems to have soaked in and is all the way round her neck.
I have ordered her a smart new outfit and will show her again later, dressed and with the marks hidden.
No more tinsel in this house.


  1. Your cross stitch is wonderful :)

    How sad about Patsy but I have no advice to give. Hopefully someone will. Do you have a doll hospital locally? Maybe they could help.

  2. Oh Sylvia, what a shame. Tinsel and early plastics obviously don't mix, but one would never imagine it would have such a dreadful effect.
    Your latest cross stitch is exquisite. I've done one or two SMALL projects on 14ct aida, that were meant for evenweave, and as you say, it can be done, and it does look good.

  3. Poor little dolly! I can't think of anything that would help. Except a new outfit. Well a new outfit cures a lot of things doesn't it? LOL!
    xo Catherine

  4. Nice stitching work ! For your doll, I would try "Eau de Javel" in English it's called "Bleach" or "Chlorid" it cleans everything and even takes off color. When a shirt became pink, I put it in cholorid water and it's shiny and white again. My little cat statues in the garden I clean with it, Apparently it is also used on cemetaries to clean the stones, it's cheap and efficient ! You can always try, maybe it works.

  5. Perhaps Patsy could make use of a well draped scarf about the neck, often used by women of a certain age. Your stitching is coming along wonderfully.

  6. Lovely work as usual. Love the glitter brooches on the tea cosy. I agree with the majority - a high necked outfit or scarf for patsy. Would be very careful with bleach.

  7. Years ago, I read in a doll book or magazine that acne treatment creams like Clearasil were useful in removing ink marks from old vinyl dolls. I expect its the peroxide in the cream that does the trick. It has worked for me. I apply quite thickly and leave for a day or 2.