Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy 88th Birthday Ma'am and Wills and Kate's Visit

 Long may she reign. Even though some family members are so far away I hope you have a very Happy 88th Birthday.
My day for royal watching did not go well. Was I in this crowd as I had intended to be? No, this is a pic. from a newspaper.
 I was in this crowd waiting at the wrong door!!!. There were children in the crowd waiting with flowers to give and no one told us we were at the wrong door. Have I lost my touch as a royal watcher?? How could this happen??
Should I have been with the protesters who must have known more than I did?
Was I too overdressed so the royal pair slipped out the side door? Or was the side door really the front door?
 Well I had men in tight white pants to watch.
I think this is the royal car going past so the day wasn't totally wasted.
 Too exhausted for a trip to the zoo and by now I think the whole world has seen Prince George and the Bilby. Such a cute boy. There was a move here a few years back to have the Easter Bunny replaced by the Easter Bilby. It didn't catch on. Bunnies are cute, Bilbies are a bit like a large rat.
Today is Charlotte Bronte's birthday. My girls Charlotte and Emily were named after the Bronte sisters. So today Charlotte and I will spare a few thoughts for the Bronte sisters and Charlotte's sister Emily who died last year.. Charlotte is in the middle of a 12 hour power nap, I'll remind her when she wakes up.


  1. Happy Birthday to the Queen! I am sorry you waited at the wrong door. Such a disappointment. Next time hopefully.
    xo Catherine

  2. What a shame! The officials should have noticed the children with flowers and sent them to the right door.
    I suppose the men in tight white pants was not the substitue you were looking for. Anyway Happy Birthday to Her Majesty. Fond memories of Emily from your blog pages.

  3. How disappointing :( Give Charlotte a big hug from me when she wakes up.

  4. Oh dear, what a shame. Just as well you've already met Wills and went to their wedding. George does look like a cutie, an active looking one ready to grab anything. Kate will have her hands full.

  5. How sad that you waited at the wrong door ! But still you had the ambiance, and you can always say that you have been there ! I watched on Internet !