Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mae West apron

An apron from my embroidered apron collection, this one showing Mae West and her famous line " come up and see me sometime" Most of my aprons show full length ladies expertly embroidered but not by me, this one from an antique fair in Sydney. I wish I had more space to display them all but my other collections crowd me a little so this is a new forum for my displays which will over time be shown here.


  1. Lovely apron, from the 1930s I'm guessing. Which would also explain the politically incorrect cigarette Mae West is holding! I wonder if the apron was ever worn.

  2. I just added a Mae West embroidered Apron to my Etsy Store, and found yours while I was researching. I can't find anything else like it anywhere on line, but now we know that at least 2 different designs exist, and they were (possibly) made in Australia. Intriguing.