Friday, July 31, 2009

Pretty apron

Another unworn apron from my collection, expertly hand embroidered with crocheted edge. Apron has fold marks so I think it has been stored away for years. Wish I knew the story behind all these unworn aprons from years ago, did the perfect occasion never arise or did life turn out a bit too grim for such a frivolous apron?

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  1. I often wonder the same things about my collection, and the women at the Embroiderers Guild are very helpful. We believe the aprons with the spectacular embroidery such as this, along with crocheted edge, were probably done for needlecraft exhibitions, not to wear on a day to day basis. This would account for their near-perfect condition after so many years. Once they'd been shown and perhaps awarded ribbons or prizes, they would be carefully put away and only brought out to 'show and tell' sometimes.