Friday, November 13, 2009

My Mother's Birthday

Today would have been my mother's birthday, she loved pretty china so i'm showing a few of the pieces she owned and I now love. Mum also loved opal jewellery and a brooch (now my daughter's) and a ring she wore is displayed on a Harbour Bridge doiley embroidered and crocheted by mum next to one of her pretty hankdkerchiefs she dyed purple in her dyeing everything purple phase.
The supper cloth at the back was worked by mum for me and I have put in a couple of photos of mum.
Click on the pic. to see more detail.
Happy Birthday Mum XX


  1. Happy Birthday! What a pretty display of her things. I like the old photos.

  2. How lovely and special to make such a memory setting in her honor!

  3. "a memory setting"
    That's a lovely phrase Mrs Bee has used. I like it, just the right explanation for what you have done.