Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vintage Bridesmaid revisited

Above is the bridesmaid dress my sister wore at my wedding many years ago, it's a pretty flock nylon with painted flowers and taffeta lining. The dress would have had extra petticoats underneath to make the skirt stand out more.
When I borrowed the dress I found the neck altered and a large collar and bow added by my mother so it could be worn again. There are photos of my sister wearing the dress again but we can't remember just were to.
I wore the dress on the right as bridsemaid to a friend when I was 19. It is the only dress I have had in my life made especially for me by a dressmaker and I wore a rope petticoat underneath which I don't have now.
The nylon fur jacket below was worn by me to balls and parties and I've added some of my marcasite jewellrey that I still love but no longer wear.
Sadly my sister and I no longer fit into our dresses though my daughter once wore mine to a party.
Renting them out for school formals in not an option, I don't think they are what girls wear now.


  1. The dresses are both very pretty. It would be lovely to see them with the big petticoats, especially the rope petticoat. Does anybody still wear petticoats?

  2. Wow ! and you kept these dresses all these years ?? I don't have anything anymore from my petticoat time ! but I have kept the petticoats, it's such a nice souvenir. But all my cocktail, ball and other dresses are long gone. I wouldn't fit in them either anymore, lol ! At that time I weight 59 kg and now 65 !