Monday, November 2, 2009

My Sunday

Went to a large Doll, Bear and Craft show on Sunday and bought this English Woman's Weekly dated September 1942, it has a knitting pattern for a W.R.N.S doll in 4 ply wool and I think I will add it to my list of things I must do (and finish) one day.
Instructions for a shopping bag made from deckchair canvas are included, a great idea these days now we are all trying to give up plastic bags though I don't think this idea will even make it to my very long TO DO list.

Bought this tray cloth at the show complete with matching embroidered napkin, just needs the crocheted edge done to finish it off.
Never can resist bears so bought these ones with little baskets and some pretty handkerchiefs, one even has crowns on it. Charlotte loves bears too and her little face can be seen top left corner.

Emily had a busy day too, here she is checking out the garden, giving her claws a good sharpen on the lounge and ignoring her scratching post then stretched out fast asleep on her (my) bed.

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  1. What an interesting day you had. I like the look of that shopping bag in the old Woman's Weekly, very retro. I don't know if deck chair canvas is easily available but some other material should work well.