Thursday, November 19, 2009

Royal Visit 1954 doiley

A great find on ebay, a Royal Visit doiley with Tasmania included. I already had 2 doileys, one given to me by my sister, she had started the embroidery years ago and I finished it and crocheted the edge. Can't remember where I got the unworked one but neither shows any sign of Tasmania even in the instructions.
The queen did visit Tas. on that tour in 1954 so that state should have been included so I am very happy to have this doiley in my collection.
Tasmania is sometimes called the Apple Isle and the embroidery shows apples.

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  1. Isn't that fascinating! My theory is that the person who stitched the first one here, was a Taswegian herself, and added her island state to the mainland piece! I've got this one too, and there is no sign of Tassie being attached.