Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grey Track Suit Slump

FOUND; the cause of my mid winter slump and the reason I have been unable to post for the last 8 days.
I blame this grey (or gray in some countries) track suit. I always swore I would never wear a track suit but I weakened this winter and bought this one. It was on special and Big W only had grey in my size and I thought how comfy it looks, but how depressing it has turned out to be. Yes it is comfy and doesn't show cat hairs but it also drains all my Royal thoughts and seemingly any and all computer and photography skills I might have.
I have had no option but to turn to my favourite comfort food. Tea and toast dripping with butter (in this case I had no butter in the house and made do with one of those non artery clogging spreads) and honey. Couldn't waste too much time on photos as the toast was getting cold.

My slump didn't stop me going to a large market last week and I found this pretty supper cloth in a box of junk and it was only$2. It was in a terrible state with black marks and stains all over it and crumpled like an old rag. I love a challenge and rescue mission and look at the cloth now. It had a good soak in napisan and then the sun bleached out the last of a stubborn stain.
The cloth is all hand embroidered and has no signs of wear, I hate to see someones hard work go to waste. I also don't like ironing but when on a rescue mission I make an exception. I wish I had thought to take a BEFORE photo.

My new tapestry stand and I think this one might be easier to use, still stuck on that tapestry cushion I started 3 years ago for the Queen's Diamond Wedding Anniversary and one of the reasons I don't have time to slump and frump around in grey tracksuits robbed of even sewing skills.
I am now wearing pink and slowly with the help of the toast and honey coming back to life.

I offered the tracksuit to Charlotte and Emily as warm bedding in their winter day beds but they've refused outright and will only accept something pretty and with flowers as you can see in these pics.

Now for the vexing question!! should I keep that grey thing to remind me of my worst ever fashion mistake, or get rid of it now so I can forget I ever made such a mistake????


  1. I would keep it and wear a colorful scarf with it, or lots of fashion jewelry. When you have something colorful around the neck then it won't look so dull anymore. Love the cat castles, lol they look so cute.
    I don't like winter either, but ours are much colder. For the moment I am purring like a fat old cat because the sun is shining and it's unusually warm to hot, it depends on the days.

  2. Did you know that designers like Stella McCartney are now designing track pants? It's all about wearing them with the right heels and jacket!! Well, perhaps you should return to your own style - you don't want to become a slave to fashion. :)

    A very pretty embroidered cloth. Luckily it was in such a grubby state or it might have been more expensive.

  3. At my club meeting today our guest speaker was a 'fashion/colour expert'. Apparently if it does not make you look or feel good - throw it out. Now having just been through my wardrobe and thrown out everything what do I wear to the shops to buy new clothes. Maybe I could borrow a nice grey tracksuit.


  4. Yes Maureen you can borrow my grey tracksuit if you promise never to return it.
    See comments above from Gattina and Susan for fashion tips to help you wear it with style.

  5. I know EXACTLY how you feel, Sylvia. I recently threw out a pair grey slacks that were beautifully tailored and fitted me perfectly, but no matter what bright colours I wore with it, I always felt dowdy, so out it went. I don't blame the Royal Princesses for rejecting the grey either.
    I feel like a broken record, but you have the most wonderful Royal embroidered things! I have been tidying up my linens and rediscovered a vintage cushion cover you may like for your collection. I'll email you a photo of it.

  6. Forgot to mention the tablecloth - it is beautiful! Well worth rescuing. What did we do before Napisan?? It has saved many of my opshop finds.