Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vintage Embroidered Aprons

Showing some of the recently acquired aprons in my collection and the one below has to be my new favourite. The clothes and skin of the dancers are filled in by tiny hand embroidered stitches and I love the suave expression on the faces of the couple. Like so many of my aprons this one has never been worn or washed, just stored away for years. The stitching at the back of the apron is almost as good as the front.
The apron on the right I'm sure was done by the same embroiderer as the dancers as the crocheted edges are identical. Dutch boy and girl scenes were very popular in the mid 1950's so I think that dates both aprons from that period. The Dutch scene apron also looks unworn.
The Charles and Diana apron is a souvenir from the Royal Wedding 1981 and is made from PVC. I don't have any hand embroidered Royal aprons (sigh..) but I know they exist and one day..........

The unworked apron below also I think dates from the 1950's. I would like to be able to say I will show it fully embroidered in a few months but I'm sure those beach girls will be put away again with all my other unworked aprons and join the long queue of items I will never embroider.
I think Gina at patras aprons has a similar girls at the beach apron.
That was lucky, I finished my photography just in time then Emily got out of bed to help.
She is wearing her "what about me" expression and needs some cuddles.


  1. I admire your patience, I could never do that, sewing, knitting, crocheting etc. that's not for me. The aprons are so nice it's a pity to use them, lol !

  2. USE THEM?? Not likely, Gattina! I do wear aprons, but ordinary cotton ones, not my beautiful embroidered collection! Love this latest lot, Sylvia, and yes, one of those is very like one of mine - also unembroidered! I have about 40 unembroidered calico aprons in my stash and like to kid myself that I'll do them one day. It won't take long, the stitching is mostly simple stem or back stitch. ha ha ha!!

  3. Those are lovely aprons!
    I wish you could meet my 'Auntie' Toni. As a wee girl, she was able to attend a luncheon at Queen Elizabeth's coronation! SHe has such stories to tell as her father was a chauffer and her mother, 'in service'. Always an interesting story to tell :)