Sunday, July 4, 2010

My One Year Blogiversary

Flowers for me on my First blogiversary. The flowers are in a pretty Charles and Diana Staffodshire vase. I've had lots of fun this past year with my blog and a few tears and tantrums if things did not go to plan on my blog. If I gave myself an end of year report card I think it would read something like this.
Enthusiasm: High.
Computer and Photography Skills: Low, much room for improvement.
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: Abysmal-have you no education??
Imagination: Vivid and Creative-too bad those great award winning ideas never leave
your head.
Level of Interest in Blog: Well I'm fascinated by it, I could sit and admire my collections
posts all day. And those posts showing Charlotte and Emily I think are works of art.
Meanwhile the real Charlotte and Emily sit with me feeling neglected, unloved and
hungry and time might be better spent doing a bit of dusting of that collection.
This Royal Doulton figurine is named "Happy Anniversary" and was a gift from my daughter some years ago so I thought it a perfect day to put it on a post. I even gave it a slight dust first and felt a bit like "Mrs Bouquet" showing Royal Doulton.

A coronation apron from 1953 I'm showing today so I can cover all my collection in one post. This I think comes under linens, royals and aprons.

YES! I'm almost finished admiring my blog then I'm coming to bed, please don't lose my place in my book.
I should mention here another anniversary, I gave up having my hair cut one year ago and now I look like the mad cat woman I always was. I call it my Doris Lessing look, now if I could only have more cats and write best sellers about them I would be famous too. Charlotte and Emily will never allow me to have another cat so I suppose the best seller idea will have to go as well.
I gave up haircuts because they were always dissapointing and I was tired of being asked "what did you do on the weekend?" and even if I could remember what I did it probably involved cats, hunting down rare royal treasures at a giveaway price or cross stitching something royal and it all sounds a bit mad even to my ears, so no more haircuts.


  1. Happyiest of Happy Blogiversary to you!!! One year ~ where does the time go? I love the report card you gave yourself ~ too funny!

    Hope kitties didn't mess up your page in your book and you are comfy in bed reading!

    Have a wonderful week!
    xo Catherine

  2. A very Happy Blogiversary.

    What a funny report card, much more interesting than the "could do better" than I ever seemed to achieve. And I agree about those hairdresser questions, I never have any exciting answers to those.

    At least you aren't in danger of turning into "Mrs Bouquet", no Doris Lessing hairstyle for her. She would be more of the bullet proof permanent wave type lady.

    Now, what is that famous saying... "Keep Blogging and Carry On!"

    Cheerio, Susan xo

  3. Happy Blogiversary ! Only one year ? I will celebrate my 5th !! Time goes by so fast, it seemed to me as if it was yesterday. I didn't even know what a blog was when I started. And all happened because I was looking for Egyptian cats on internet ! From a Forum I landed up in Cat Blogs and created one, now you see where I am after 5 years ! It has changed my life, it's so interesting to communicate with the whole world and having friends everywhere ! I wouldn't know what to do without my "window of the world", especially because I am retired ! It makes me creative, I look at things I have never seen before, I started photography and just feel happy.
    Love the picture of Charlotte and Emily waiting for you to go to bed, lol !
    Love the apron too !

  4. Congratulations on your blogiversary. May there be many more such celebrations. Always enjoy the activities of 'the girls' Charlotte and Emily and your Royal collection is outstanding.

  5. Happy 'blogiversary'! (But speaking of grammar, isn't that an AWFUL word). Still, it fits the bill. I chuckled over your report card but disagreed with much of it - you are far too hard on yourself, Sylvia! I love reading your blog and looking at the photos of The Royal Cats and the other Royal Family (important, but much less so than The Cats).
    I hope you will continue to blog for years to come, and if you ever get down south to Melbourne (or if I get up north to Canberra again) perhaps we can meet!

  6. What a lovely post...happy blogaversary!!
    I have been lurking about blogville trying to update my laptop and dekstop was pleased to have been reacquainted with you...I use to be BeeContent Cottage, but due to life and lack of internet connections, I had to stop for awhhile, but now, here I am!
    Much kitty love to Charlotte and Emily :)