Friday, July 9, 2010

Grin Grinned Grinning

For some strange reason unknown to me I cannot tolerate the word GRINNED: or grin even though I can skim past other four letter words in a book and hardly notice. And as for Grinning, that should only be done by Cheshire cats.

I can be settled with a good book by a well known author and come across the word Grinned, usually the Prosecutor or Detective does the grinning, (as in- "zxzxzx", she grinned.)

First time I come across THE word I tell myself to move on and forget what you just read.

Second time, I become nervous and on full alert, my blood pressure rises, as does my heart rate, and there are health and safety issues.

Third time, if he/she have Grinned again, that's it. No matter how good the book is I slam it shut and would throw it across the room, but there are three reasons why I can't do this.

1- I might hit Charlotte or Emily and never be forgiven.

2- I might break a 'never to be found again in my lifetime royal treasure'

3 - As it's probably a library book I might do major damage and have to pay lots of dollars in compensation.

I can accept a Smirk a Chuckle even or a small smile but NOT A GRIN. All this happened to me again only two nights ago and as you can tell I'm still suffering and the offending book has now been returned unharmed to the library.

Gina, over at said she finds the word grammar awful and I think I agree and am sure there are other people who dislike certain words, as for me-I never grin, only smile...


  1. My forbidden word is GOTTEN. Originally only used by Americans but unfortunaly has gotten common in Australia. Anytime I read it I have to mentally translate - gotten common - has become common.

  2. Isn't that funny how a word can set us off? I hate the word 'tumbler' being used instead of the word 'glass'. Aren't humans funny? Do you suppose kitties have any quirks? :)

    Have a Happy day!
    xo Catherine

  3. I think 'grinned' is a weird word because it's supposed to denote something positive but as a word it sounds awful.

  4. Oh dear, my own grammar is so bad that you have misunderstood my last comment.. Sorry Sylvia - I mean the word 'blogiversary' is awful! The word grammar doesn't offend me at all. But I cringe when I hear people agreeing with something and saying "Oh, ABSOLUTELY".
    Absolutely WHAT? Don't teachers teach the proper use of adjectives and nouns these days?

  5. linens and royalsJuly 11, 2010 at 8:38 AM

    Sorry Gina, I think misunderstood should be my middle name. And 'blogiversary' is a worrying word, should it have one 'g' or two?
    I agree with Maureen and Catherine about the words 'GOTTEN' and "TUMBLER" and pleased Fran agrees that GR....D is a weird wordd

  6. I can't say there is a word that I hate but what drives me nuts is when I see people using the word 'your' when they should be using 'you're'. Clearly the teachers who now teach English at school don't know their grammar or how to spell these days.