Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Princess Diana Remembered

Thirteen years today since Pricess Diana was tragically killed in the car crash in Paris. Diana will forever remain young and beautiful and never forgotten.
I bought the cross stitch portrait below on ebay, already expertly completed I can't claim it as my own stitching as all the crosses face in the opposite direction to my own cross stitches. This one below stitched by me from a kit bought in the U.K
The chart for this interesting Diana portrait was bought on ebay, was easy to stitch and I think looks impressive. Sometimes less can = more with stitches.
Below, a very pretty commemorative sampler I would like to think I will finish one day. For now it is in my too hard basket as there are so many half stitches, quarter stitches, shades of colour too similar and lots of back stitch. Not much fun to stitch but hope I can complete it....one day.

Pretty Diana plates, the one on the left has a chip which I don't mind as chips and cracks can sometimes bring items into my price range.

Tall and elegant Diana looked stunning in all the clothes and jewellery she wore and set a standard I don't think can be lived up to by anyone. She will always be remembered.


  1. 13 years already ! That's unbelievable, time goes by so fast. When I was in London now on my way back home, I saw that they did a "Diana memorial walk" near Trafalgar square which probably leads to Westminster church. I am not sure. Unfortunately I had no time to do the walk, but next time I want to see what it is. I haven't seen her memorial neither.
    That's nice that you join my meme, my weekends are not exciting at all, rather boring, I am always happy when mondays arrive because on Sundays all shops are closed and the city is dead !

  2. Diana's death is one of those days where you always remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard. We went to church that morning just after we'd heard the news on the radio, but lots of people at church hadn't heard anything. Quite a solemn day, that one. She did a lot of good.

  3. It was a very sad day. The news seemed unbelievable.

  4. That cross stitch portrait of Princess Diana is absolutely stunning!

  5. This is a very nice tribute post today.
    Oh I never thought that it is already 13 years ago.
    These crossstitch portraits are great!