Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend of the Freebie and Gloomy Introspection

First I'll explain about the freebie. I went into my local pharmacy to buy some Panadol. No I didn't have a headache but discovered the painkillers I had were two years past the use by date. I am not a regular at this pharmacy and as I was walking out the door I saw this yellow cat on display. Stopped to admire the cat, no price displayed so the assistant said she would find out the price. The pharmacist came from the back of the shop, said I could have cat, suitable thanks followed, and I left the shop. Then the question came into my head????

1. Had the cat been there so long no one else has even looked at it and the shop was glad to get rid of it.

2. Do I look like some sort af mad cat woman?? Yes I was carrying a cat shopping bag and cat wallet and might have had a few cat hairs on me so was I given the cat so I would leave quietly and not scare paying customers away?

3. Did the assistant suspect I might stage a hold-up with a weapon hidden in my cat shopping bag and demand all the corn plasters or something equally boring tipped into my cat bag.?

4. Would this trick have worked as well if I had admired an expensive bottle of perfume.?

I could go on with more conspiracy theories but I want to go and play with my new toy.Adoring Swains. Shakespeare ends with the line To Her let us garlands Bring but chocs and wine are O.K too

Holiday weekend here and the start of the swimming season but it has rained all weekend and I was going to post about the gloomy Victorian poetry I have been reading, I'll leave that for another day. Fran over at Being Me wrote about the name she would have liked. I am going to write about my name which is Sylvia. A name I like and have had for a very long time. But the next person who says to me "who is Sylvia? what is she"? without knowing the rest of the words or that it was written by Shakespeare- Well here are some more of the words-

That all our swains commend her

Holy fair and wise is she

The heavens such grace did lend her

That she adored might be..

Having said that I can't be bothered with adoring swains hanging around and will chase them off with my broomstick. Adoring swains often turn out to be useless and I know Charlotte and Emily won't like them. I have tried to explain the concept of adoring swains to them but I have a feeling they are mixing them up with swines and swans. The girls have seen swans, the closest they get to a swine is a ham sandwich so here are some pics to help anyone else who is confused.


Oh dear this post is all out of order and not as clever and witty as I hoped. My computer tech. support (grandson) is away on holiday and I must struggle on alone. I hope anyone who reads this can make sense of it all. Come back soon Family you are needed!!!!

Gattina at Writers Cramps is hosting "What Did You Do This Weekend?" and I am joining in.


  1. The yellow cat is lovely. And so is that fat pink swine. :)

  2. Haha ~ you are making me smile this morning ~ a good way to start out the week.

    The stuffed kitty is cute ~ if only to us cat lovers! :)

    xo Catherine

  3. Cute cat !
    Years ago I saw a little bottle with jasmine eau de toilette in an antiques store. No price ticket and when I asked the owner I also got it for free. And yes, it would be interesting knowing why.
    I love my name too :-)
    Your story made me smile.
    Nice week,

  4. Whatever the reason was the cat is absolutely cute ! Would fit in my cat collection of over 400 cats of all kinds, lol ! I am also crazy because everything is cat in my house, the toilet brush holder included !

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