Friday, October 8, 2010

New Collection Additions

Gina over at Patra's Place spotted the Coronation hair pins at a haberdashery shop in Melbourne and very generously thought of me. The middle pin has a crown and lucky for me all the pins are in place and perfect. Gina then found the perfect card to post them in with a picture of a Birman cat on the front. I'm sure Charlotte must have done modelling in her younger days; she says not! Thank you Gina, I love the card of hair pins, at the moment displayed on my dressing table. A new apron for my collection with a design of koookaburras. A 1950's design and even has the price of 1shilling and threepence pencilled on the side. Complete but not made up, when I received it I saw it was machine embroidered, not sure if the ebay seller knew this, I am still very pleased with the apron and happy to have it in my collection.
The apron on the left was bought at an op. shop this week, it's almost identical to one bought years ago from another op. shop so I'm showing the back of that one. Both aprons have hand embroidered flowers.
Had to have a cat in the mix, here is Emily already under the doona warming up my bed for me.
Only problem is the weather has warmed up a lot so I would rather not have a pre-warmed bed but don't want to hurt Emily's feelings by telling her.


  1. Some lovely new things for your collections. And I think the look on Emily's face means she is not to be messed with.

  2. Those hair pins are fun! Yes ~ it would be very hard to scoot Emily out of your bed I think ~ no matter how warm she was making it! :)

    Happy Weekend!
    xo Catherine

  3. Lovely aprons. Oh dear, Emily didn't realise the weather is getting warmer! :)

  4. You must be so happy to have these hair pins !
    Emily is cute !
    Enjoy your new finds,

  5. How nice of her to give you the hair needles !
    Since I saw and heard a koookaburra for the first time on a Australian blog, it became my favourite bird. It's a pity they don't exist here. Must be good for the mood, lol !
    If you wish to hear "candles in the wind" from Diana's funeral I have it on my Photo Blog

  6. I saw a 'Solar Queen' in a shop today - a model of the queen which, when you put it in a sunny place, waves. Not quite your kind of thing, but I did think of your blog!

  7. Fran the 'Solar Queen' sounds fun, I do have a couple of 'bad taste' items in my collection, just for balance and not always on display.
    Gattina, I have the C.D of Elton John singing 'Candle in The Wind'. Yes a kookaburra laughing always makes me smile.

  8. Hee hee...I just knew you'd like that card! You omitted to mention here that you sent me a beautiful doiley cover in exchange for those pins...just to let your readers know my generosity didn't go unrewarded!