Friday, October 15, 2010

A Right Royal Mix

Charlotte and Emily refused to do anything interesting for the camera so it's back to the Royals. A collection within a collection, these colourful plastic cups are from the Coronation 1953 or the Royal Visit to Australia 1954. Except the two on the right, they are from the Coronation of George VI 1937 and are bakelite, an early type of plastic. I know there are other colours out there somewhere and hope to add them to my collection one day.

Not sure if the tablecloth below is from the Coronation or 1954 Royal Visit. Made of a type of plastic on flannel I think is oil cloth it shows Elizabeth and Phillip and the flowers in the centre of the cloth show some Australian wildflowers such as wattle and flannel flowers. A very unusual tablecloth for my collection.

A GeorgeVI Coronation sampler this one is machine made tapestry, perhaps from an English mill it was an ebay purchase and I know nothing more about it except I like it and it is very impressive.

Another unusual item is this Coronation brass letter rack bought from an antique fair, the words at the front read. With charm irresistible and happiness serene

A Woman of Britain Yet verily a Queen.

Charles and Diana badges, a new purchase fron ebay arrived this week from a seller in Canada.

Displayed on a paper napkin I almost used to wipe jam from my lips after having tea and scones at a teashop in York after I had been to The Wedding in 1981 then remembered in time to save it as a souvenir.

Just consulted the diary I kept of my Royal trip in 1981 and of my day in York I wrote"Had a nice lunch in one of the tiny old shops,all old wooden beams inside and a tiny twisty staircase upstairs to the toilet" wish I had been more articulate but I know that's where I got the napkin.


  1. We should expose together, you your royals and I am my cats, lol ! I have everything you have with royal heads with cats ! We are great collectors !

  2. Sometimes our sweet kitties just won't be photo agreeable will they! :)

    But how wonderful your collections are. I especially love the letter rack ~ so pretty!

    Hope you have the loveliest of weekends and I hope that Charlotte and Emily are a little bit more agreeable this weekend for picture taking ~ haha!

    xo Catherine

  3. What a wonderful collection, hope you'll find the other cups !
    Great idea to keep a diary, must be interesting reading about events in the past !
    Have a nice weekend,