Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend of Luck

Doll Club meeting on Saturday and the usual competitions were held. I entered the 'Doll Chair' section and won first prize with my little Limoges chair. The chair on the left was the prize winner, I could only enter one chair; not the whole set. The win was a nice surprise as there were some very good and some vintage chairs entered. I have a small collection of 'Limoges France' china which has long been overtaken by Royalty. Another piece of very good luck. Rosemarie, a doll club member gave me some royal souvenirs to add to my collection, they belonged to her mother and she knew I could give them a good home. The souvenirs include a Wedgwood money box (left) from the Royal Wedding 1981, an Adams England pottery money box from the Queen's Silver Jubilee 1977 a souvenir tin box that once contained Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate from the 1981 wedding and a Poole Pottery mug.
I had none of these items already in my collection and had never seen money boxes like these two before so am excited to have them in my collection. Also a first day cover from 1998 with Princess Diana stamps Thank You Rosemarie.

Sunday I went to the local Trash and Treasure market where I found neither trash nor treasure, a bit disappointing but fun looking anyway.

After the market I went to a nearby Quilt show, never sure if I feel inspired or depressed by the shows. The Quilts are beautiful and so much work has gone into them I feel I want to rush home and start my own using my stash of cat fabric. Then I feel depressed because mine will never be as good and would I even finish such a project? So I pick up my cross stitch and continue to plan the quilt masterpiece in my head. The quilt below got my vote as best in show because I love the rows of houses and the colours.

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  1. A great day at Doll Club for you. Congratulations on your First Prize win. And lovely to receive the Royal souvenirs from Rosemarie.

    Quilt shows are good for inspiring those "in the head only" masterpieces.

  2. Congrats on your first place. Lovely chair and table set. What a joy to be given such treasures.
    I love going to quilt shows. I need to start back on mine soon.

  3. Congratulations on winning the first prize, how exciting !
    You must be very happy with your new treasures.
    That quilt is really beautiful !
    Have a nice week,

  4. How cute are those little chairs and table ~ so cute! It looks like you made a few good finds with your new treasures ~ good for you!

    Have a Happy Week!
    xo Catherine

  5. Congratulations to your price ! and what a nice addition to your collection and how sweet of your friend. I like to go to flea markets even when I don't buy anything, but it's alway so funny to see what people sell !

  6. Those little Limoges chair set is beautiful, absolutely deserving first prize. Congrats!
    Appreciate your concern about me and Tortie. Thank you my friend.