Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day

Yes, this is me and perhaps the only pic. you will ever see of me. Taken in central west Queensland a couple of years ago I had been on a very long very hot walk to see the billabong written about in 'Banjo' Patterson's Waltzing Matilda 1895. Some say Waltzing Maltida is Australia's unofficial national anthem.
It's a story about a swagman boiling his billy by a billabong under the shade of a coolibah tree.
Then putting a stolen jumbuck in his tucker bag. The squatter on his thoroughbred rides up with three troopers on horseback. The swagman jumps into the billabong, drowns and now his ghost can be heard. Fate of the jumbuck (sheep) not known. For translations or more details you will have to Google.
Meanwhile back to me. I had been told the billabong was not far from the road. Well it was a long way, off through those trees and I was wearing a hat but when I got back to the car I thought I would expire with heat hence the cool damp cloth on my face and the sunglasses to keep it in place. Don't know what I was searching for in that bag but it must have revived me as I'm am still here. This trip confirmed my opinion that I am NOT an outback Australia person.
The prescription sunglasses were lost somewhere soon after. I did not go back to search.
This is the billabong, now I can say-been there-done that and cross it off my bucket list.
There was a kangaroo at the billabong, he hopped away before I could get a photo.

Here is my son aged 2 many years ago cuddling a kangaroo. Not all kangaroos are so friendly but this one was in a wildlife park and very tame.
Son was at that lovely age where he wanted to cuddle everything.

I think this was taken the same day, my daughter - now the mother of my talented, good looking and perfect grandsons- patting a koala.
This pic. was emailed to me, perhaps that explains the size.

Today is all about Australia and this is one of our favourite foods. THE LAMINGTON. Sponge cake covered in chocolate and rolled in coconut, Delicious. I will have this one later with a cup of tea.

This cross stitch is part of a much larger piece I stitched for the Centenary of Federation in 2001. It shows Captain Arthur Phillip arriving with the First Fleet on 26th January 1788.

Australia Day was known as Anniversary day until about 1935 I think. This photo was in my late mother's album and on the back is written. 'The Mob' Anniversary day 1928. I recognise no one and this photo should be a warning to all to label photos properly. This mob has long departed and I wish I knew who they were. The background could be the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.


  1. Happy Australia Day! What a great bunch of photos. And I do like that warning about labeling your photos properly. Hope the day is not too hot for you.

  2. I too wish a belayed Happy Australia day ! When I saw your picture I immediately thought you were a member of the blue Klu Klux Klan, hahaha ! It's real nice ! I wished I could cuddle a kangaroo, I have only see them in zoos !
    I have heard that there is a Kangaroo farm here in Belgium, because people love the meat (I included)

  3. Happy Australia Day! And what a fun place to visit. Hugging a kangaroo ~ not that would be unique!

    Have a terrific day!
    xo Catherine

  4. I enjoyed reading this post, now I know more about Waltzing Matilda, I really like that song.
    Lovely pictures of your son and daughter, so cute with the kangaroo and the koala.
    Enjoy your cake and tea :-)