Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Collection Additions

This scarf has to be my favourite recent addition. An ebay purchase it came from Donegal in Ireland and my first purchase paid in euros. The only item I have ever seen with the accession date which is also the abdication date for EdwardVIII. Lovely pictures of George and Elizabeth with emblems of commonwealth coutries around the edges. I think this scarf deserves a frame and a place on a wall-if I can find a space on my ever more crowded walls. This EdwardVIII coronation 1937 jug has to be close runner up for new favourite. Bought at an antique fair yesterday it is Shelley china and in perfect condition. I managed to beat the stallholder down in price but it still broke my budget, well worth it, one of those "had to have" items.

New arrivals from ebay and two seperate sellers, these Goss miniatures from the coronation of
GreorgeV and Mary in 1911. Goss miniatures are very collectable and usually say things like ' Souvenir of Blackpool' etc. I think other Goss collectors must have been out partying on New Years Eve when I snapped these up for a bargain price.

Another EdwardVIII jug for the coronation that never happened. Now I have three in my collection, I like jugs and will be on watch for more.

A Wade coronation dish from 1953, interesting because it has animals from Commonwealth counties around the rim.

Bought this brooch at the Antique fair yesterday because it looks Royal and has the usual
Dieu Et Mon Droit under the shield. I haven't seen the shield with 4 stars? before. Can't find it in my books or google, perhaps it represents a city. Does anyone know.
A Huge confession here. I know I have some descriptions on top of the pics. then a gap and descriptions underneath. But I only type with two fingers so I can't erase and do again or if there is another way to move the desc. around I don't know it. Also Charlotte is usually sitting on part of the keyboard or mouse. So you can see my life is sometimes very difficult But I do try to do my best.


  1. I haven't noticed any difficulties to read your blog ! What nice items you got !
    Rosie never walks on my keyboard or sits on the mouse, but Arthur does it with Mr. G. he sometimes has no space at all to work (or to play) !

  2. You always find the most interesting treasures!

    Kitties on the keyboard... what's a girl to do? Nothing ~ because we do not like to disturb our sleeping babies! :)

    Happy Sunday!
    xo Catherine

  3. Am sure space will be found for this lovely scarf.
    You always get such lovely things.

  4. You are lucky to find those interesting items!
    *Happy Sunday*

  5. You've picked up some great souvenirs lately! I would never have believed you are a two finger typist - there is nothing wrong with your typing, Sylvia! I've seen a lot worse from the younger generations...their spelling is atrocious.

  6. Oh, you must be so pleased with your new treasures !
    I imagine Charlotte sitting on the keyboard or mouse, so cute !
    Have a nice week,