Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Resolutions and Pink Bear

Happy New Year and a hope that 2011 is good to everyone. Resolutions? I've never kept one yet so this year is resolution free. Pink bear is eager to show off her Kate and William jacket. For a few days pink bear was worried there was no place for her in my crowded home but now she has become part of a Royal Collection and with a bit of shuffling of furniture has now secured her forever spot. With the jacket she is wearing pearls as all Royal Ladies do and on one wrist a coronation bracelet. Pink is sitting on a silk coronation scark from 1953. Here is a better view of the jacket, worked with more enthusiasim than skill. Cherubs on the collar, Queen buttons and Diana badges, the one on the left showing William as a baby with his mother. Charles and Diana wedding fabric on the edge and William and Kate and the wedding date cross stitched on.

I have yet to embroider Pink's paws as I am waiting for that rare day to arrive when skill and enthusiasim coincide.

The back has Charles and Diana wedding fabric and a guardsman cut from a piece of fabric.
The large bow on Pink's head is also made from C and D wedding fabric. The red hearts are stitched on.
I can see spaces on the jacket for a bit more sparkle so maybe it's not finished yet.
Below you can see the jacket before. It's a childs's size3 I bought at the op shop for only $1.50 so am very pleased with my bargain, everything else on the jacket I already had.
Nothing to do with bears and royals. This party boat drifted out of the channel and into shallow water 2 days ago, the tide went out and all the pushing couldn't move it. I don't know why it is flying the Scottish flag but the boat spent New Year's eve tied up to the edge of the lake in front of my house.

7am this morning a high tide came in and party boat was on it's way having missed the biggest night of the year.
But wait! I can see a problem with that party boat. No Ladies room. So no glass of wine or cup of tea for me at THAT party. Well I wasn't invited anyway.


  1. You will have a lot to do now with the upcoming wedding ! They are such a cute couple !
    I saw the firework of Sidney on TV when we had lunch, lol ! New Year's Eve I spent home, the weather was so bad, I couldn't even see the fireworks here in the street because of the fog ! I just heard a lot of noise !
    Happy New Year !

  2. Love the jacket and I am sure Pink is very happy to wear it.
    Strange Scottish party boat.

  3. I think you are very clever to have made a simple opshop jacket into a unique piece of royal memorabilia! I hope the people on that 'boat' didn't disturb your peaceful night with Emily and Charlotte. The photo looks more like something that has come from Indonesia...
    Thank you for your comments on my blog, Sylvia - my best wishes to you and the Lovely Ladies for a wonderful New year.

  4. Such a sweet little bear! I never make New Year's Resolutions either.

    Wishing you and your kitties the best of 2011!
    xo Catherine & Banjo

  5. This is such a cute pink bear and I love the jacket very much!!!

    I also never make resolutions for the new year.

    Happy new year to you and your family!!!!

  6. Pink is so cute, what a beautiful jacket !
    Happy New Year to you and your family, that all your wishes may come true, Sylvia !
    Hugs to you, Emily and Charlotte,

  7. Oh my! This is so lovely and pink bear is a perfect model!
    Happy New Year!