Friday, January 14, 2011

William and Kate Wedding rumour

Somehow a rumour started in my house this morning. There was to be a Royal Wedding parade and it was going past my house. I tried to explain it wasn't possible, the wedding is in 3 months and a long way away in London. Too late, there was a rush to the barrier and even Charlotte was caught up in the rumour Emily was a bit more cautious, she just wasn't sure what to believe.
Charlotte promised to alert Emily at the first sign of horses coaches etc.
Not yet Emily, not sure which way the Parade will come but i'm keeping you a spot at the front of the crowd.

Oh no! I can't belive the Queen Mother is wearing THAT hat again, she should know by now I don't like it and won't leave it alone....but pulling at the hat fills in the waiting time.
Still waiting and minding your spot Emily. Yes, you have something to eat and drink and bring me a snack if you are going to the kitchen.


  1. Oh sweet bears, kitties, and dolls...
    you are going to have a long wait...
    you best take a seat and get comfy... ;)

    Extra cute post today!
    xo Catherine

  2. This is great, Sylvia, what a lovely story !
    They are so cute !!
    Nice weekend,

  3. Love this narration and the pictures. LOL!

  4. It's very clever of you to do rehearsals ! At least you know now where you sit or if you should get a better place ! I agree with you THE QUEEN should give this hat to the church, she has nicer once in her modest collection !

    I just wonder what your neighbors said when you lined up your little public, lol !

    Believe it or not ! Word verification shows
    catliker !!

    I once did my "dish" washing in our garden but it was all my ceramic cats and then I put them in the sun to dry. You should have seen my neighbor, he already thinks that I am crazy, but this day he had his confirmation.

  5. LOL, you are funny, Sylvia! Thank you for providing me with a chuckle; there hasn't been much to laugh about in Oz lately, has there...

  6. thank you for stopping by my site. I always enjoy stopping by here and visiting yours. have a great day

  7. What a great crowd, and is that Diana I see in the front row? I'm sure Charlotte just wants the Queen Mum's hat for herself, it would look lovely on her.

    A very funny post!