Sunday, February 13, 2011

Doll Club Win

Doll club meeting yesterday and one of the categories was a souvenir bear, I entered Pink and we won 3rd prize certificate. Well done Pink.Then trouble. Pink saw her little sister Pinkette for sale on a trade table and begged me to buy her. I said no as like Pink she is made of mohair by the same club member who made Pink and was too expensive. Pink cried. The price was reduced. I weakend, handed over lots of$$$$ and Pinkette became ours. Pinkette was a bare bear but a very kind and generous club member insisted I take the red spotted dress for her as she looks so good in it.
Pinkette is wearing a bow on her head of Charles and Diana Wedding ribbon and Pink has a bow of the same ribbon on her wrist. On Pinks feet are cloth badges frim C&D's wedding.
Charlotte insisted on being in the photo because she thinks the prize certificate is meant for her.
No Charlotte, I'm sure if it was for you it would have been 1st prize.

The two other sections for prize certifcates were; a doll holding flowers and a paperweight. I put some flowers in the hand of one of my old childhood dolls and entered a Charles and Diana wedding paperweight. No winnings here as the competitors were just too good.
I had hoped Charlotte would wander off for another sleep but no, she wants to help with my next photo arrangement.
I allowed Pink to borrow my new Kate and William charm bracelet to wear to Doll Club and next to it is a mini Kate and William cup and saucer surrounded by Charles and Diana wedding ribbon.

This is how I got Charlotte away from my display. I took the cover off the doll's house and she was instantly distracted. Easy.


  1. Well who could blame Charlotte for wanting to get in on all those pretty collections. It is hard to resist such temptations as cute bears and dolls when you see them ~ no matter the price! haha!

    I think that pretty doll house would distract me too! :)

    Happy Sunday ladies!
    xo Catherine

  2. Charlotte looks good on the arrangement!
    Love the doll so much.
    And awwwww, the dollhouse is so beautiful!
    I love everything you posted today.
    My son will go to London in April for holidays and I asked him for a wedding cup or something like that.

    Have a good weekbeginning!

  3. Congratulations on winning a prize !
    Pinkette looks gorgeous in her red spotted dress !
    And Charlotte is so cute !!
    Nice week,

  4. Congrats on the prize win. Perhaps you could take Charlotte along next time to the Doll Club. She poses so charmingly she would be sure to win a prize.

  5. It's always the same when we want the cats to pose they don't and when they are not wanted they are sitting on the picture ! Love the bracelet, that's real cute ! and your doll house ! I just could come over and play with Charlotte ! Congratulations for prize !

  6. Charlotte wants to be part of the lovely decor and wish she could live in that beautiful fully furnished doll house! LOL!

  7. I found you via Saskatchewan and discovered you have a love of the Royals. You must be in your glory with the upcoming wedding...
    And some very beautiful kitties too.