Sunday, February 6, 2011

GeorgeVI to ElizabethII

Today marks the anniversary of the death 59years ago of King GeorgeVI and the start of the reign of ElizabethII. The Queen, then Princess Elizabeth was in Africa on her way to Australia when told of her father's death. Above are the only 2 souvenirs I have been able to find of that cancelled visit.

The Queen arrives back in London for the funeral of her father.

1952 was the year 0f 3 Queens. Above are Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth the Queen mother and Queen ElizabethII ready for the King's funeral. Queen Mary died the next year and Queen Elizabeth lived as a widow for the next 50 years as the popular Queen Mother. ElizabethII celebrates her Diamond Jubilee next year, the length of her reign will soon pass Queen Victoria's.

Was going to find something individual to show for the King but then remembered A-yet to be explained ladder issues B-there might be a large spider behind anything on the wall C- there could be a VERY large spider behind anything on the wall so this is a bit of an overview.

The king can be seen top left on a framed embroidered cushion cover sent to me by Gina at and also top right.

Nothing to do with royals but had to share this anyway. I never much liked Gok or his 'How to Look Good Naked" T.V show and almost didn't bother to choose his book at the library. So glad I did, his story is so interesting and I will watch his T.V shows now with a new respect for him.
I recommend his book to anyone and will be sorry when I finish it tonight.


  1. Interesting post. Is that an ashtray in the first picture? I don't suppose William and Kate will have one of those in their official souvenir range.

    I will look out for the book at the libary. I haven't watched the tv show either but I like a recommendation for a good book.

    Have a good week.

  2. OK...I'm a fairly new visitor to your first day actually:)..and there is mention of spiders again...eeek Is this a common occurrence in your neck of the woods?

    My brother who is much much older than me actually walked in a coronation parade for the present queen ...he was a scout...I have no idea why scouts would be parading but he did and he had his picture in a newspaper of the day...we did have a copy but sadly that has gone missing since my mum passed away at age 90. So, you ask why did he have his picture in the paper...well it was a windy day and the wind took his scout hat off his head and a photographer took a brilliant picture of the hat sailing away...

  3. Wow, you certainly have a good collection...and preserve it well! It's like a mini museum.
    Well done!

  4. Love the pictures of the 3 Queens and I have seen a documentary about Elisabeth life recently, when she heard about the death of her father.
    A spider behind your wall would be a lese majesty ! Imagine a spider sitting in front of all those royals ! What a terrible picture !

  5. You have so many interesting and beautiful things in your collections. I think I could spend hours in your lovely home looking and learning. Very fun!

    Glad the spider is no where to be seen! :)

    xo Catherine

  6. Thank you for visiting us and enquiring about Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK. You can read about him in this post

  7. (My) cushion cover looks so much better in that frame! You have a wonderful display on your wall. I gather you don't worry about a few nail holes in your walls? Nor do I. But I won't tell you what Ken thinks...