Sunday, February 27, 2011

William and Kate Stitching Marathon

I'm stitching as fast as I can but I keep finding more Royal Wedding items I must do. The knitted W and K dolls are a free download pattern I found on the net and the instructions are easy to follow. I'm not a very experienced knitter but once again enthusiasm wins over skill and the dolls will be knitted.
A keen start has been made on the wedding tapestry. I'm trying to work without a frame but think I will have to use one for the background.

To show I can manage a small social life too, I went to see a local production of the old classic Guys and Dolls yesterday. Today I went to a very early session at the movies and saw The King's Speech. What a great movie, I was prepared to be a little dissapointed because, well , it wasn't the real King, but I loved it.

A view of the local theatre, we always take cushions to sit on as the seats are so uncomfortable but the shows are always good.

Had lunch with friends before the matinee at a Thai restaurant overlooking the small harbour and ocean.

Enough of enjoying myself, back to stitching. This cross stitch kit is on it's way from the U.K. It's a John Clayton design from Heritage and will keep me busy for a while. Also on it's way to me is a Kate and William Wedding sampler kit I ordered from Majesty magazine.
World of Cross Stitcher magazine #176 and Cross stitcher magazine #238 both have Royal wedding charts. These mags. will be released in March in the U.K but won't arrive here till May.


  1. Wow ! you are in a real wedding fever, lol ! That day, we can watch the wedding together !! You in Australia I in Belgium. I am sure the Eurostar is fully booked in this period ! If my son would still live in London I would go there too. But probably I see anyway more on TV then in the crowd. The only thing I would miss is the ambiance.
    That I experienced when I went to London not even a week after Diana's funerals and I saw the Kensington palace with these millions of flowers and little teddy bears and people crying. Very emotional !

  2. You will be busy with a lot of stitching. Nice to see you manage some fun outings inbetween. The harbour village looks nice.

  3. I'm always amazed at people who can do cross stitching. I don't have the talent. I bet the dolls you are going to make will be cute.

    Glad you got out and had a little fun at the theatre and the show! I haven't seen the King's Speech yet but I want to. I hope it wins some awards tonight at the Oscars.

    Happy Sunday!
    xo Catherine

  4. Glad we have something in common. I can't sew or knit but I can watch films. Also loved The King's Speech. It certainly deserves some Oscars.

  5. Wow, busy, busy, busy. Am looking forward to see the lovely end results!

  6. Gosh Sylvia, it is going to be a busy year if you plan on finishing all those stitching projects! Just remember to rest your eyes and hands regularly - I know how hard it is to stop once you are on a roll!

  7. Oh Sylvia, you have to do a lot of
    stitching :-)
    I used to knit, I'm looking forward to see your dolls !
    Looks you had a nice time at the theatre, great idea to take some cushions, I must keep that in mind.
    Have a nice week,