Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Charlotte and Emily's 16th Birthday

Charlotte and Emily share their 16th birthday today. Here they have blown out the candles on their cake. Well done my beautiful girls.
The girls each received a birthday parcel in the post from their cousin Galina.
Emily is excited but a little suspicious of what might be inside, but she does love the pretty paper.

You can look now Emily, that is a lovely toy for you to play with, and look, a handmade card from Galina. Galina chose the blue toy for you because you are a blue point Birman.

Now Charlotte's turn to open her parcel. Do you need help Charlotte?

Look Charlotte you got a hand made card too and that toy is the perfect colour for your seal point colours. You must both write thank you cards to Galina tomorrow. You will have lots of fun with the new toys I'm sure.

Here is the beautiful and talented cousin Galina. Galina is a Russian Blue and very elegant. I know Galina would have come to the birthday celebrations if she could but Charlotte and Emily are both so pleased she remembered their special day with gifts.

Here is little fun filled Roxy who would love to be friends with Charlotte and Emily if they weren't always asleep when Roxy calls.
Roxy is 4yrs old and after a hard first 2yrs of life was lucky enough to be adopted by near neighbour Fay and now lives a very happy contented life.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my beautiful girls, may you have many more happy healthy years.


  1. Happy birthday to Charlotte and Emily ! They both look very enthusiastic with their gifts, lol ! My cats are always more interested in papers and cartons and not in the content, lol !
    16 years that's quiet an age ! But fortunately cats can live very long.

  2. Happy Sweet 16th Birthday to you Charlotte and Emily. You both look lovely in the photos.

  3. Happy Birthday Emily and Charlotte. Have fun with your new toys.

  4. Happy Birthday ladies! Sweet 16! :) Looks like you received some lovely gifts. I hope you get to do whatever you want all day... which I am sure isn't too much different from any other day... haha!!!

    Have a terrific day Emily and Charlotte!
    xo Catherine

  5. They are such wonderful ladies! Hope you guys have many more years together.

  6. Happy Birthday to Charlotte and Emily, they are sooo cute !
    What lovely presents they received !

  7. Sylvia, your girls had a lovely birthday and aren't they amazing for 16yrs, hope for many more birthdays. Galina was highly honoured to appear on your blog. Best wishes to Emily and Charlotte.

  8. Happy birthday Charlotte and Emily and may you have many happy birthdays to come.

  9. Happy Belated 16th Birthday Charlotte & Emily!! We are very pleased to meet you both!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  10. Charlotte and Emily are looking much younger than 112 cat years - isn't that the equivalent of 16 human years? They are both beautiful!