Friday, February 4, 2011

They're Baaaack

Well I've been expecting you spider. I mean today is 4th February, the middle of summer and we are in the middle of a heatwave with high humidity. So what took you so long? Very clever of you to stay up near the ceiling out of my reach. Yes I know you are a supposedly harmless Huntsman and if I feel a bit hunted in my own home that's just my paranoia kicking in. You are in a spare bedroom by the way so I don't have to sleep with you tonight, hope you are not a nocturnal spider.
You are right above my sewing machine Spider but that's o.k I'll give up sewing for the forseeable future. I'm busy with my Kate and Wills wedding tapestry anyway. If you go to the other side of the room Spider you will see the ceiling slopes up and is much higher there and I will never get you because of my ladder issues which I have yet to explain on this blog.

This is the breakfast I ate right before I saw spider or I might have lost my appetite. I like some sliced banana on my cereal and this might be the last banana I have for some time. I keep hearing on the radio that the floods and cyclone in Queensland have wiped out most of the banana crops and prices will rocket up maybe out of my price range. If that's the only problem I have after all the disasters then I am lucky and should not complain.
My treat for the day to take my mind of spiders and food prices. The latest copy of Majesty magazine. Oh no, another complaint coming up. This mag. is the December issue. Most English magazines take 2 months to arrive here so the official pics are all in the next issue so I have another month to wait.


  1. NOOOOO!!!!! That spider is too nasty! Please oh please ~ you must get him out of your house! Do what ever it takes my friend ~ anything!!!!

    Oh my stars... I am now all itchy and scratchy.... :(

    I think I will just concentrate on the lovely photos of your cereal and bananas and magazine!!!!

    Keep safe friend!
    xo Catherine

  2. Yikes ! I almost closed your post right away ! Spiders are so disgusting ! I know that they are useful, but they are so ugly. When I see a spider I put cat Pookie in the same room, and then after some rumbling, she leaks her whiskers and the spider is gone !
    So you are in wedding preparations ...

  3. Oh, Sylvia, that looks like a giant spider !
    I'm terrified of spiders !!
    Nice weekend,

  4. Some BIG spider. And I forget you're in summer while we're here in below freezing weather! Brooms work well to get rid of the nasty things. One big hit and squash.

  5. LOL!!! You are all so funny about our spiders! These really are harmless, as Sylvia said, but it is a bit disconcerting to have one high up on the wall or ceiling in case they drop on you! (they rarely do that - it is just our human paranoia).
    I also have cereal and banana every day for breakfast, and will keep buying them whatever the cost, if it supports our farmers in some way. Yasi has wreaked such havoc, I was crying when the images were on t.v. the next day. Makes you feel so helpless...

  6. Hello:)

    Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. you always have spiders as a topic?.....eeeek!

  7. That spider's legs have ELBOWS.

  8. Perhaps spider could help you with your sewing. They are quite good at construction.