Monday, October 3, 2011

Charlotte and Emily doin' it tough.

Charlotte and Emily have begged me to get back to blogger and do another post. They are fed up with my domestic dramas and family health issues. They want the rest of the world to take some of the burden of ME off their shoulders. Because I have not posted for 3 weeks they have had to admire every new stitch in a royal sampler, all my so called ebay bargains and exciting op shop buys. Because of the stress this is causing them they have had to fit in even more sleeps, hard to do when each day is only 24 hours long. This post is dedicated to easing the hard life of my 2 girls.

Another coronation embroidery from ebay. This is a cushion cover, a bit worn as it has been used and washed often in it's life. I will frame it as this will help to preserve it. Shows Commonwealth/Empire countries with emblems.

I think this embroidery would have been done for the 1953 coronation too. It is on a small piece of worn fabric, I will stitch it onto a stonger piece of fabric and frame.

I have had to set aside my Kate and William cross stitch after seeing this design on Ruth's blog This is the official logo for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and Ruth has turned it into a free download cross stitch chart. Ruth has lots of great links on her blog and on one link I saw the Jubilee design with red background and as I already had some red aida cloth in my stash (an op shop bargain) I decided to use that.

I haven't forgotten about my apron collection and this pretty hand crocheted apron is my latest addition. I have seen similar patterns in 1940's magazines so think it safe to say it is a vintage apron from that era. My collection is really about embroidered aprons but I now have 2 very special crocheted aprons.

Charlotte is threatening to swipe this object to the floor with her paw if I don't show this to the rest of the world, then shut up about it. But look-an EdwardVIII coronation teapot in 1/12 scale to go in my doll house, how exciting is that?? I already have a coronation biscuit tin and a Queen Mother 1/12 scale plate on it's way from ebay U.K.

Is that enough for now Charlotte and Emily? can I go to bed soon and read my library book???


  1. Hello, nice to see you can still get some time in for your shopping and stitching. A very glamourous apron and looking elegant on that model. What a cutie of a teapot, I hope Charlotte will leave it where it is.

    Also as daylight saving has started perhaps this will give the girls an extra hour of sleep or one less hour of admiring new stitching and shopping. Which ever it is they prefer. :)

    Have a good week.

  2. Hola! its nice to meet you. charlotte and emily are very pretty! hope you can visit my blog sometime. Purrs, Rio from Barcelona

  3. I love the apron...really different. And, of course I adore the doll house additions:) Give Charlotte and Emily a big hug from me as they work very hard.

  4. I'm glad the ladies made you post....I missed you!

    Hope you are having a good October!
    xo Catherine

  5. Gosh, it makes you wonder how many more embroidered items were produced for our Queen's coronation - they seem to pop out of the woodwork lately! Nice pieces...and that lovely apron is very unique. A lot of work in that.

  6. Great post, Sylvia !
    I've never seen a crocheted apron, it looks lovely !
    Love the photo of your two girls, nice to see how they are enjoying their nap in the sun :-)
    Nice week,

  7. Charlotte and Emily are right ! you are getting lazy, I mean bloggingwise ! certainly not for stitching and doing good bargains !
    It's a pity that this apron is an apron, I first thought it would be a dress, that would be very in fashion, but of course if you are naked on the back side it would maybe disturb some people !