Sunday, October 9, 2011

Detective Inspector Charlotte

Some unscrupullous villians came by last night, saw my little boat at the side of the house and put it in the lake for a joy ride. This morning I saw my little boat waiting for me on the other side of the creek and brought it home again.

No need to call the police as I have D. I. Charlotte working on the case and here she comes now.

Look up and to the left Charlotte the Paparazzo are here. This reporter is most likely from one of the big Sydney papers, not the small local rag. T.V cameras are on the way I think.

No the oars were locked in the shed last night so the rascals must have used their hands to paddle.

Check for fingerprints and D.N.A too. Lucky that little piece of rope wasn't stolen.

Yes go and get Emily and see if she heard any bumps in the night or strange noises. If you have finished looking for clues I will have the boat pushed under the house where it safely lives. I only had the boat out so a workman could get under the house.

Are these your witnesses Charlotte? I think they are ready to make a statement now. I'm sure you will soon solve this terrible crime.


  1. Well done girls. They are quicker than Miss Marple.
    Those nasty villains better not try that again. Good to see the paparazzi were there to record the event.

  2. I'm glad your boat was unharmed! Sounds like you have some tricksters afoot!!

    Hope you ladies are having a lovely weekend!
    xo Catherine

  3. Always good to have the cat police on hand; much better than having cat burglars!! Lovely little boat and worth storing safely even with your resident detectives.

  4. Charlotte you should be renamed "Miss Marple" !!
    I love the witnesses, and also the place of the crime !

  5. cats sure are inquisitive My cat used to always get himself into trouble