Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thank You to Racquel

A few weeks ago I sent Racquel who lives in Manitoba Canada some of my old royal cross stitch patterns and look at the surprise I received in the post today. Racquel knows what I like and has stitched my initial, a daffodil and The Gold Coach in a sparkly thread all with a cute cat fabric background. Even the pretty thank you card has a crown. I will hang these pretty stichings on door knobs.
Racquel emailed me to ask if I knew where she could buy charts for some of the samplers I had stitched and I jumped at the chance to help a Canadian as Shirley in Alberta had sent me some beautiful samplers. Aren't Canadians wonderful!!!
Thank you so much shouldn't have, but I'm so happy you did, I love my gift.

In the same post I received the 1/12 scale doll house plate of the Queen Mother I bought on ebay. I think I'll put the plate on the wall of the doll house. I already had a small collection of the 100th birthday china and now my doll house is going royal.

Now for something completely different, a jelly fish stranded in the lake when the tide went out on Sunday. There was just enough water left to keep him in good condition till the tide came back in and he was able to swim away.


  1. So pretty, daffodils, cats and The Gold Coach. Racquel certainly knows what you like and how lovely that she stitched these for you.

    I'm glad the jellyfish manage to swim away later, I like a happy ending. :)

  2. Do jellyfish swim or just float where the tide takes them? A nice way to live, just relax and go with the flow.

    The minature plate will be perfect on the 'royal' dolls house wall and Racquel's gifts are perfect for door knob hanging.

  3. That's really very nice of Racquel ! and Queen mum looks great ! good bargain !

  4. Sounds like you have made some lovely Canadian friends! Saskatchewan (where I am from) is smack in the middle between Alberta and Manitoba. To receive lovely gifts in the mail is always a special treat! And I am glad the jelly-fish made it safely back into the water!

    Hope you are having a happy October and that all you ladies are doing well!

    xo Catherine

  5. Oh that mini plate is so cute:)

  6. You have such interesting tidbits on your blog, Sylvia. Sweet stitchings gifts, lovely mini plate for your dolls house, and a unique photo of a jelly fish. Not too many people would have seen one like that.

  7. What lovely gifts, Sylvia !
    Glad everything went well with the jelly fish, nice you could take that picture !
    Wish you a great week,

  8. I must agree with Gina E.! And the jellyfish photo is incredible!