Wednesday, October 19, 2011

THE QUEEN Has Arrived in Australia

The Queen arriving in Australia just 2 hours ago and looking as ever very Queenly in a pretty blue colour. I took these photos off my TV as the news was broadcast live.

Meeting our tall elegant Govenor General who curtsied to the Queen. In the background on the right is our not very popular and hanging onto govt. by a thread Prime Minister wearing unfortunate blue/black stripes, no hat and clumpy shoes and did not curtsy but only nodded so please diregard this last long sentence as I am only being mean and don't want to discuss politics on such a great day or on my blog.

See, already I'm over excited and should put myself to bed..

Accepting flowers from schoolchildren.

H.R.H landed at Fairbairn RAAF Base in Canberra where she will stay the night then onto Melbourne, Brisbane and then Perth for the C.H.O.G.M meeting. Sydney is not included in this visit and family commitments prevent me going to Canberra so I'm a bit sad about that.

The Queen's last visit here was in 2006 and I was sitting on the steps of Sydney Opera house when I took this pic. I think I sat there for 3 hours and it was January and so hot I stuffed the newspaper I had with me up the back of my shirt to keep the sun from cooking me. I don't know how the Queen managed to inspect yet more troops in the heat and I think she was treated badly on that day.

The Queen steps ashore in a very different Sydney in 1954, the first visit ever of a reigning monarch. On the 1954 trip she came by ship and was away from home and a very young Charles and Anne for 6 months. This latest trip is her 16th visit to Australia and many people say her last trip here, I hope not.

I still have my ticket from the Surf Carnival arranged for the Queen in 1954. I was still at school then and went with my sister. The tickets must have been bought by my mother as I think 20shillings was a lot of money back then.

Tomorrow I will be watching TV for mor Royal Visit news.


  1. I was thinking of you today. And I agree 110% with everything you wrote in this post!

  2. I remember the earlier Royal visits, find it strange how the Queen and Duke are starting to look rather old whereas I haven't aged at all!!
    Or maybe I need to have my glasses changed.

  3. Yes, and Diana refused to leave little William alone for a less long time ! Times have changed. I never really liked Philip because he was a terrible womanizer, but I admire him now, travelling and looking so fit at his age !!
    The Queen is the Queen, she never changes !

  4. Lovely to see the Queen out here. Remarkable lady and good to see Philip came as well. I hope she is treated well on this trip, she works very hard herself.

  5. How wonderful that the Queen is having a visit. And she always looks so lovely in blue doesn't she?

    Have fun watching her!
    xo Catherine

  6. is she coming to your town? I remember when she came to Auckland, we all went to greet her and loiter on our way back to the office.

  7. I love that colour she's in. So bright and pretty.

  8. How nice to meet you and thanks for visiting. We have so many interests in common! I am your newest follower. As our family say in the UK Our Liz is a brick!