Saturday, April 21, 2012

10 Queen's Beasts China and Happy Birthday Ma'am

Raquel in Canada would like to complete her cup and saucer collection of The Ten Queen's Beasts. Made by Queen Anne China probably for the Coronation 1953. Raquel has six sets and needs four more. Pictured above is the Griffin of EdwardIII cup and saucer but she is searching for-
The Black Bull of Clarence
The Red Dragon of Wales
The Lion of England
The White Horse of Hanover
This cup and saucer shows The White Greyhound of Richmond cup on a Yale of Beaufort saucer. I admit I have never heard of this china before, perhaps it never came to Australia but it is now on my 'to look for list'. Racquel is hoping someone has the missing sets to sell but would be happy just to see pics of the missing ones.  Please email me if you know of any.

Today Queen Elizabeth II is 86 years old. This is her real birthday, not an official one and what better day than today to put up my coronation wallpaper. First on the wall above my bed. I don't have many spaces for it as most of my walls slope or the space has already been taken by other royal stuff or windows and doors are too near the ceiling. This wall was meant for this paper.  It was a difficult 2 person job but I am so pleased with the result. you can see a close up of the paper on my previous post.

More wallpaper on this piece of wall behind the front door where the hallstand used to be. I still have lots of paper left so I'm sure I'll find some more space at the top. I have 5 of the heavy cardboard cutouts of William and Kate and I've found spaces for 4 of them

A plate showing  Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret and their birth dates. I bought this very nice baby's plate at an antique fair earlier this year.


  1. With the china I can't help, but what you made with the wallpaper looks great ! and the baby plate is real cute !
    Princess Cathrine is very discrete, very elegant and makes her speaches full of humor, she is a real nice girl ! Maybe because she wasn't born into it. Sometimes she does her shopping in a supermarket, just like every housewife too !

  2. I did not even know the Queen had beasts! You have made me curious and will now try and find out more. Wallpaper looks good and love the baby's plate. Just amazed at what you manage to find at markets and fairs.

  3. I'll keep an eye out for that china in my opshop travels. Something so unusual might not be recognised as collectable by a lot of people, so one never knows, it might show up somewhere.

  4. Wow! Your house is almost like a museum with all those collections!

  5. Happy birthday to the Queen!
    And wishing you and the ladies a very happy Sunday!
    xo Catherine

  6. Happy Birthday Ma'am, enjoy your Jubilee year.

    The Coronation wallpaper looks good. I wonder how many houses were decorated with this in the 1950s.

    Interesting china set, can't help out with it though. Good Luck Racquel.

  7. I have the Yale of Beaufort saucer in excellent condition. If you are interested in purchasing it please email me @ Thanks!

  8. I managed to find the entire collection at auction tonight in Albuquerque. Ten Saucers and Ten cups, lovely condition. Only paid $65 plus 12% commission. Thought I would google them and have not found much about them. But lovely to find your site. Cheers!

    1. Wow! You're so lucky; I wish I had been there! I would love to get pictures of the ones I'm missing, if possible. I also have some information about them, if you'd like.