Monday, April 16, 2012

Coronation Wallpaper and Updates

My small display table is finished (see previous post) and I am happy with the result. I had glass cut to size then painted the iside and lined it with padded felt and placed some Royal jewellery inside which can now be seen a bit better.

 No winnings at Doll Club on Saturday, Pinkette was a bit dissapointed as she was so proud of the new cat buttons I sewed onto her top. No prize either for my Coronations hair pins but I was asked to give a small talk about them as a lot of interest was shown. As I explained to Pinkette, competition is very fierce at Doll club and there were a lot of very good entries.
 Arrived from eBay today. My Coronation wallpaper frieze/pelmet. There are 2 rolls and they are to be cut into 3 which makes a total of about 400'. They are from 1953 and I think I am very lucky to have such a rare item in my collection. I am going to use some though I won't do the whole house, perhaps the wall behind my bed and a bit in the hall. Will show when finished. As the paper is from 1953 it is not pre pasted so I will have to mess about with glue. 

 Love this cartoon, the caption reads something like 'you are going to be so sick of this next year' as it is crown Coronation paper. Well I wouldn't be if I could find some of that paper. The cartoon is from the Mary Evans Picture Library.
 Time for an update on my Bothy Threads Diamond Jubilee cross stitch. I think it's going well and the back stitch will make it look much better. Janice in America is stitching the same one. How is yours going Janice?
As if I haven't already sentenced myself to stitching for the rest of my life I couldn't  resist adding the Bothy Threads Kings and Queens to my 'to do' list. Starting with William and ending with Elizabeth II I will be a history expert when/if I finish this one.


  1. The Royal Jewellery display look very good, I took a closer look by clicking on the photo. Some very nice pieces in there.

    That cartoon is probably your fantasy room! At least you can have a part of it with the Coronation wallpaper frieze. And you can happily stitch away with your many new Royal cross stitches.

    Have a lovely week, Susan

  2. Your display table turned out really well! I like it! I'm sorry your sweet little bear did not win at the doll club. Who wouldn't love those sweet little buttons?
    Wishing you and the ladies a wonderful weekend!
    xo Catherine

  3. Love the display table (and contents). Better luck next time Pinkette. Don't know how you manage to have time to stitch and put up wallpaper.

  4. Sylvia, you are sooooo clever! The display table is perfect for your Royal jewellery collection - it won't gather any dust in there! You are extremely lucky to find that wall paper; I'll bet there wouldn't be much of that lying around anywhere these days.

  5. Thanks for all your nice comments.
    Mom says she loves your display table and counted cross stitch. It must be exciting to be part of the celebrations this year!

  6. Your table turned out really well! Great idea.

    I've never seen coronation wallpaper before! That is VERY cool.

    Always love to see your stitching updates as well. Not sure when you find the time to eat or sleep though!

  7. Sylvia! I'm a slackard compared to you! Tonight while I'm watching Dancing with the Stars I'm working on that carriage! I haven't had any stitching time at all the last 3 weekends, and it's driving me mad. Literally.
    Stay strong, Pinkette. I'm impressed by the stoic gaze off into the horizon.

  8. I was just wondering if you, or any of your readers, know of a store or website where you can post a notice about particular Royalty items you are looking for?

    I am trying to complete my collection of teacups (issued by Queen Anne China for the coronation) of the 10 Queen's Beasts. I have 6 of them but can't even find photos of what the last 4 look like! Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

  9. Hi Sylvia, Thanks for joining up at our blog.
    Yes you still have a chance of winning in our Diamond Jubilee giveaway which runs until the 30th April.
    Good luck.

  10. I really LOVE your table and what you have done with it ! Great ! Would be something for my cat collection !
    Curious to see the wallpaper !

  11. That display table is really wonderful!!!
    I love Pinkette !!!

    I´m always excited to see all your royality items! Great collection!I never thought about ER wallpapers, how fun that you found that!

    Happy Weekend!