Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Market Bargains

I am having a quiet Easter as Daughter and family headed north to visit in-laws and Son is working . I have plenty to keep me busy and my first bargain at the markets yesterday was this dolls house. Not sure I have space to keep it but I will have fun smartening it up a bit. The top windows will need to be made square so it doesn't look like pigeons might live there. Then paint inside and out, carpets, curtains and wall paper. I don't think I'll divide the rooms, as they are, 1/12 scale furniture will fit perfectly.

Next purchase at a giveaway price , this stool without a seat. Don't laugh, I have plans for this. I could put the seat back, perhaps covered with Royal fabric or a Jubilee tapestry. No, I am going to place a piece of wood base under the corner supports you can see, then have a piece of glass cut to size for the top. A perfect display case for my miniature royal souvenirs. I will order the glass on Tuesday. I have 2 other display tables I have done the same to. when this one is ready I'll show all 3.
Emily can be seen in the backround going down the steps for a nibble of grass as she sometimes likes to.

 Doll club next week and Section1 is a Doll with Brown Eyes. This is the only doll I have with brown eyes, bought from the trade table some months ago and then forgot why I bought her. At the market yesterday I bought this pretty yellow outfit for her. Now she looks like a bee with wings and a tail. Sect.2 Bear Ready for Bed. I just happened to have these pink pyjamas and Pinkette has offered to wear them to doll club. I will try to smarten the pyjamas up a bit with new buttons and a bit of lace somewhere.
Sect.3 A Hair Ornament. I have these Coronation hair pins Gina in Melbourne at sent me last year, the middle pin has a crown, perfect for Sect.3
No this is not an electric jug collection. I love these old ceramic jugs and refuse to use the new plastic type but it is now almost impossible to buy any spares or new elements. I bought the jug with the flowers on at yesterday's market, very cheap as no one else seems to want them, that one is Made in China so I won't keep it but I did raid it for spare parts. All the others are Made in Australia and most date from the 1950's. Now I can use the one next to it with the orange lid to boil water for my cup of tea. The blue one at the back without a lid is now used as a vase. The total for my purchases was less than $15 doing them up might be a bit more but we won't talk about that. Happy Easter to All.


  1. Happy Easter to you and your family. For a sec, our human thought that doll's house was a cat condo! Our human prefers and loves those ceramic jugs! Have a great weekend.

  2. Happy Easter. Another very successful day at the markets and not a spider in sight. Before I read your comments I thought the stool would make a good display table; although I would never get around to fixing it up.

  3. You find the most wonderful things at your markets! Another dolls house; and I've never seen one down here! Of course there are hundreds of markets and opshops which I don't go to, so who knows what I'm missing? Don't want to think about that.
    Glad those Coronation hairpins have come in useful, and will be interested to find out if they won you a prize!

  4. A very successful shopping trip...I love the doll house:)

  5. You always find the best stuff! So cute!
    I hope you and the kitties had a lovely Easter weekend!
    xo Catherine & Banjo

  6. Happy Easter, and I like those jugs. Even if they aren't a collection. :)

  7. I see you did quiet a lot of nice Easter bargains ! Good idea to transform the seat into a table with glass ! I have been told that little Toby loves doll houses ! (besides the kitchen he already has) He will be the perfect houseman, lol !