Monday, April 2, 2012

Jubilee Samplers and Much More

 The Silver Jubilee Banner I thought had been lost in the post forever has arrived. It had been returned to sender and posted on to me again. I had been saving a spot on the wall for it, made friends with the ladder long enough to place the banner in its forever home at the top of a wall where it looks perfect.
 My Tempest Jubilee tapestry is finished and framed. It fits into a standard 11" x 14" frame or it could be made into a cushion but I like mine framed. The hallstand has been taken away and my extra wall space is filling up quickly.
 My Twilleys Diamond Jubilee Tapestry has arrived. It's very pretty but will have to wait its turn in a queue of Jubilee stitching. I bought the kit from great service and they take paypal too.
This pretty Jubilee tray was sent to me by Sue in London as a thank you after I sent her a Jubilee chart. A much appreciated addition to my collection Sue. Thank You.
Ever start to have one of those very nice days when everything falls apart suddenly. Well today was that day. Chatting on the phone and admiring my treasures when I saw IT. HUGE! and look at those eyes. Chaos followed. Spider saw me and went behind cabinet. Cabinet cannot be moved because it is large and full of royal china. I don't like sprays and poisons but scruples flew out the window. I sprayed and a very angry spider came out and started running around the room. I tossed furniture around trying to keep up with it then lost it for a while.
 Det. Insp. Charlotte was helping and promised to frisk the Queen Mother. Any excuse to get at that hat, right Charlotte? Check her handbag too don't forget. Well the battle raged, no more details but I won. To recover my sanity I spent 10 minutes breathing into a paper bag then 2 hours watching mindless TV and eating cheesecake before I was able to replace furniture and pick up my stitching. I know I've posted about these poor harmless spiders before but I can't sleep knowing there is one in the house. I try not to think about the ones I haven't seen yet.
 Emily slept through all the screaming and crashing, after all she's seen it happen before and no doubt will again. You really are very fit Emily being able to hold your back leg in front of your face while you sleep. Wish I could do that. It would be very useful next time I get a splinter in my foot while walking on the verandah boards in bare feet.


  1. GAAAAK! You get the biggest yuckiest spiders in your house every year! I don't know my friend, I think I would take our ugly weather over your ugly spiders! Haha!

    I'm glad kitties are nice and relaxed about the whole thing. ;)
    xo Catherine

  2. Oh dear, not another one! I'm sorry Sylvia, but I had to giggle when I saw the photo; it reminded me of a fellow on You Tube who posts video clips of Huntsman spiders and his attempts to catch them, aided by his small daughter who thinks it is a huge joke! I think he must live in NSW or Qld because his spiders are quite enormous.
    I attended an exhibition of vintage samplers on Saturday and there were two 'Royal' ones there, which I photographed with you in mind. You can see them on my Needlecraft Shows blog (I've put the link on my stitching blog).

  3. Yet another spider bites the dust. You are quite an expert (if rather nervous) spider catcher. They do eat cockroaches if that helps at all.
    How did you find room for that huge banner?

  4. I would die right on the spot if I saw a spider that are very brave to chase it.

  5. Oh Sylvia, what a huge one, I'm terrified for spiders too !
    If my husband is at home he has to catch them, if not, I try to catch them with a vacuum cleaner and put it outside for a while ... :-(
    Charlotte and Emily are so cute !
    Nice week,

  6. Oh my a horror movie ! I am the same, I won't fear a rhinoceros charging on me, but a spider who looks from up there down to me makes me hysterical ! I once vacuumed for 1 h a spider I left it turning because I was afraid that it would crawl out again. I lived in a flat and the next day the woman above me told me to clean my flat during the day and not at 3 in the morning ! Now Pookie is my little helper, I draw her attention to the spider, close the doors and wait. After some rumbling around usually she saves me !

  7. Good to see the girls helping with the spider hunting. And that banner looks great on the railing. I suppose it can't stay out there?

  8. Eeek, that's a huge spider!

    Thank you so much for the purrs and prayers. EJ's mom's surgery went well and is recovering.