Sunday, January 3, 2010

Charlotte's pillow

Charlottes very own look alike pillow, I bought the panel in Spotlight this week when I went to their sale. Below Charlotte is supervising the cutting out, then posed next to the finished item.
My decorating tip #1. Always make sure your pillows match your cats.
Now I really must find a cat panel to match Emily as I don't like to play favourites.


  1. Now that's really cute!! I'm still trying to decide if Charlotte likes it or not. Hope you can find one to match Emily.

  2. Oh gosh ~ that is so sweet! A little matching pillow for Miss Charlotte ~ that is adorable. Good luck on finding one to match Emily!

  3. Whut a luvlee pillow! We're glad you came to visit and fanks fer inviting us to view yer bloggie too! We will add you to our blogroll (obviously only invited guests will be able to view it if they click on da linky.
    We wish you a healthy & happy 2010!

  4. That's just adorable ! I would need 5, lol !

  5. Awww, how cute is that!! Must check out Spotlight down here to see if I can find that fabric! I'd need a black cat though...
    Your coronation samplers are to die for, Sylvia! It is heart breaking to find something so precious, that has been left to rot or really wonder about some people, don't you!

  6. What a good pillow, and I do hope that is a pleased look on Charlotte's face.