Monday, January 18, 2010

Coronation unusual embroidery and Diana

Not sure if this tray is for the Coronation 1953 or the Royal Visit 1954, it has the state emblems and is worked in wool tapestry then put under glass and made into a tray. I bought it at a local antique fair. Pretty clock below is worked in petit point with very tiny stitches and is for the coronation of GeorgeVI in 1937. It was an ebay purchase from the U.K and I think the postage cost more than the clock.
I think this is filet crochet and could have been meant to be a tea cosy by the shape of it but I stitched it onto a cushion cover to better display it.

And below is a teacosy embroidered in cutwork and this side shows THE COACH. At the top is the year 1937.

The other side of the cosy showing cutwork crown and GVIR

Below is the entrance to my Diana room, the flags at the top of the door are from the coronation 1937. I found another diplay form at the markets yesterday and so am able to put on display the tee shirt on the right with some gold (only coloured) coronation jewellery. The chain belt is from 1953 and the necklace has GeorgeV and Mary from the coronation 1911 on the medallion.

All these pics and not cat in sight-no they haven't moved out because of overcrowding, they are just having a nice long sleep and so allowing me a bit of time to post.


  1. Got caught up in your cat photos--that big colonel-one at the top looks like he's smoking!

  2. You are too perceptive Prodigal Tourist, now I can't look at that photo of my beautiful Emily without seeing a cigarette. Never noticed before.

  3. Hi Sylvia,
    Went through your whole blog, well done. It`s lovely ,well done.You do have a life after all, and it`s a lovely hobby. Keep up the good work.
    Helen xx