Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Doll house,cats and Diana chair

Ive done it again!! Could not resist this sad neglected doll house at a bargain price in the Salvation Army store this week. This will be my third doll house and I love to renovate and bring them back to life. I hope Emily is giving her approval here. Yes Emily I will get your help choosing colour schemes etc.
As you can see I already have tenants looking the house over, but they are hard bargainers when it comes to the amount of rent to pay and do not have a good credit rating. The attic room is not quite 1/12 scale but might make a maids room, with the tenants approval of course.

Below is another project to keep me busy. I bought the chair this week at a 2nd hand shop and will cover it, seat and back with the Charles and Diana wedding fabric I already had. I bought the fabric on ebay and it is left over fabric from men's souvenir ties made for THE wedding. The fabric is strong and suitable for upholstery but of course no one will be allowed to sit on the chair (I think my guests know better by now) and I will somehow fit it into the Diana room.
I was going to cover my 4 dining chairs as there is enough fabric, but then thought even though I live in a house that is almost a museum and a homage to royalty, run by Charlotte and Emily it still is nice to be able to sit down to eat.

Below is a close up of the fabric.
All the pics. in this post are before the renovations. I will show the completed projects later when finished. No time frame given as I can't work under pressure and am easily distracted.

My New Years resolution/ if one thing comes into the house, 2 have to go out.
The girls looked worried for a minute but I have reassured them, told them they are not the 2 things. Maybe I have some old clothes? no I'm still wearing them, or the stove could go as I don't like to cook, or I could just give up resolutions until next year.


  1. Your new projects look very interesting. With the help of your decorators, Charlotte and Emily, I'm sure the doll's (cat's?) house will look splendid. Perhaps if you do get rid of the stove it would give you somewhere nice to put the specially recovered chair?

  2. p.s great photos of Emily and the house!

  3. Emily is so cute 'inspecting' the house!

    Wow ~ 1 item in 2 items out ~ that would be a hard rule to follow. hmmm...I agree...the stove should go. You can cook everything you need to in a toaster oven. And if you throw in a frying pan then that would be 2 items! :)

  4. What a nice hobby to restore doll houses ! I hope at least Emily is allowed to sit on the royal fabric, lol! She looks like a princess !

  5. oh, I so love your house find...and seeing as it has met the approval of Miss Emily, I think it shall make a fine redo!
    That reminds me I have a dollhouse my Papa made my daughter inthe IS suppose to rain next week....
    Your fabric is so very lovely, the chair will be such a special item in your home :)
    The stove...I LOVE to cook! But then, thrifting is one of my favorite hobbies...and I have a woodstove!!

  6. LOL Sylvia, you are funny! I've never seen a doll's house in any of the opshops I frequent, but if I did, I'd snap it up so fast! I always wanted one when I was a little girl, but my parents couldn't afford it, so I had to forget about it.
    I've been thinking about you and the Royals; I have a book you may be interested in if you don't already have it, as well as a tablecloth that I know I will never stitch, as much as I'd like to. If you email me direct, I'll email photos of these two items and maybe we can come to a mutual arrangement!

  7. Sylvia, the doll house is a beauty but I don't think Emily likes it, may be when you have done your renovations she'll aprove.
    What hours and hours of work you have before you. You will have to get rid of that stove and just use your microwave, that will give you much more time.
    Isn't it wonderful that you have found such a good use for your beautiful length of royal material? All the best in your projects.

  8. oups, I thought I commented here but Nooooo. ok I do it again!
    This is cute, my cats would try to fit in the rooms too ;)
    You are so lucky to get that beautiful dollhouse.
    I love doll houses too and now i´m really excited to see when it is ready renew and decorated with tiny furnitures and other cute little things.
    Have you bought furnitures too or do you want to make them self?
    Have a great Sunday!

  9. Here you can find my dollrooms and dolls if you are interested and have the time to scroll arround! ;D