Saturday, January 9, 2010

Prawns Lake Illawarra

Prawning last night in Lake Illawarra just off my verandah. The first prawners were out at sunset and by the time I went to bed there were lots more people out. No boat needed, it's possible to just walk in with a net, container to put your catch in and light. The Lake is famous for prawns and this year has been very good. Not that I've ever tried it, I like to admire the view from shore and can't think of anything worse than standing in the Lake in the dark And here is what all the fuss is about, not the oysters on the edge of the plate, but those prawns in the middle with their eyes still on.
Life is too short to peel a prawn I say!!


  1. Great picture of the 'prawn catching' ~ I didn't know that's how it's done. Looking at that plate of prawns with those little black eyes and tenticle thingys... ummm...not so great. I'm a little squimish! ha ha!

    Fun post!

  2. Yes, it's much better to have someone else peel prawns for you. Luckily I do.

  3. It must be very nice to watch but honnestly I also prefer the prawns already cleaned up, the eyes look so sad, lol !

  4. Have just looked at "show all". You do have a wonderful view but your photography skills equal your craft skills.