Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prince William in Sydney

Prince William is visiting Sydney and I didn't get to see him, I was NOT one of those lucky ones in the crowd cheering and waving. My 2 princely grandsons came to visit today so I had to make a difficult choice. William or my boys-and I had a very nice day with my boys. I am surprised at how popular his visit has been, lots on the news and in the papers.
Here I must have a small boast. I SHOOK HANDS WITH PRINCE WILLIAM.
Yes I did. It was at the Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002. I was in the very front of the crowd in The Mall just down from Buckingham Palace (I had to stay there all the night before to secure my place) after the Queen went past in THE GOLD COACH and then went to an official lunch,the younger royals did a walkabout down The Mall. William came to my side of the Mall and along with lots of others I stuck my hand out and he shook it. Poor William looked so young and shy then and had his head down the whole time, but he did shake my hand.
The only souvenirs I have of Willian in my collection, this mug to celebrate his birth, a thimble for his birth and a thimble for his 21st birthday. Oh and teapot milk jug and sugar bowl for his birth I showed in an earlier post.
I think I did this cross stitch for William's 21st, the only chart I could find of him and it is not a good one, I need to look for something better. I've never had any luck (or skill) designing my own charts.
Come back soon Prince William.


  1. Such fun stuff you are collecting! Your cross stitch work is beautiful.

  2. He looks so very much like his mother ! THE QUEEN can be proud of both ! thanks to Diana. They are such nice boys !