Sunday, January 24, 2010

crocheted apron

Went to a local antique fair yesterday, even though the forecast was for a hot 40c degree+ day I could not stay away. So glad I went and found this beautiful crocheted apron. Never seen one like it before but a quick Google search found a pattern for an almost identical apron in a 1947 magazine so I think I can safely say this one is circa late 1940's. Also found patterns for knitted aprons, so impractical, but so very pretty.
This apron almost jumped into my bag screaming-buy me*buy me which I did and for a very reasonable price.
Lucky for me a friend came with with me to the fair or I might have missed these two embroidered aprons, I really should pay her a spotters fee. I was busy being dazzled by some royal items that were way beyond my budget when told about the aprons. I thought them both bargains as some with embroidered ladies can be quite expensive. Both are expertly embroidered and I love it when the dress is filled in with tiny stitches. The blue lady apron has hand crocheted edging.

The top of the arch on this apron forms the pocket and it also has a hand crocheted edge. I love the scissors the lady is holding in one had. This apron shows some wear and has been washed, the blue dress apron looks never washed or worn.

I couldn't leave the fair without a royal item and found this Silver Jubilee pen from 1977. Can't tell if it works or not as I will never take it out of the packaging.
The bear holding the pen came from the Buckingham Palace shop on my last trip, his top reads "God Save the Queen".
The fairs are run by Rotary Club and they serve tea, sandwiches and delicious homemade cakes so that is also part of my day out.


  1. I am not so an apron girl, but I love the Teddy bear ! Can't you send a little bit of your heat ? Here it's wet and grey and only 2°C warm ! Poor me !

  2. What a lot of great finds you had at the fair. That crocheted apron looks intriguing, wonder if it was ever worn.