Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Countdown Begins

Exactly one week from today I will be at the airport waiting to board my plane for the start of a 24hr flight via Abu Dhabi To London for THE WEDDING. Today I went to have a look at the plane. I wonder if I should have chosen something just a little larger??
I have added a clock showing London time to my blog so I can start to adjust my thinking.

Yes! Yes! I will stay away from the propeller. I have enough bad hair days as it is without my head being rearranged.

I have homework to do and thanks to today's International Express I can study the route and timetable.

Luggage must be checked, I would be sad if I arrived in London with no cat hairs on my clothes.

This will be my 9th trip to London for a Royal event and I know how to travel light. I will follow my usual plan of wearing old clothes (well, I didn't get an invite to the Abbey did I?) then discarding them and packing lots of souvenirs to bring home. Also being too mean to catch a taxi from Heathrow to my hotel (less cash for souvenirs) I must struggle on the tube with my luggage.
I think I feel exhausted already, come on Charlotte and Emily lets go to bed early, I have new library books.


  1. It's all getting very exciting. Are you sure Charlotte and Emily aren't planning to stow away in your luggage? You might need a bigger plane on your way home for all your wedding souvenirs.

  2. That is the plane you are riding on???? Oh my stars ~ you are a brave girl! I like your idea of making room for more treasures to bring home. Only one week away ~ oh you are going to have a wonderful time!!

    xo Catherine

  3. I can't wait to hear how it all turns out! A friend of mine was in London recently and sent me a onesie and bib from Harrods. My new baby boy and I will be watching on the 29th. It will be about the time he wakes up for his morning bottle! Have a wonderful trip!!

  4. The excitement begins:) My DIL is all ready for the day. My son is taking the day off to look after my granddaughter (9 mths old) so DIL won't miss anything on TV. And, before you ask why I'm not looking after the GD...I'll be watching TV too:)

  5. Wow, that is a long voyage to England .How exciting that you flight via Abu Dhabi. But not with that plane or what ?!?
    My oldest son startet to London yesterday night. The flight was only one hour from here.
    I wish you a wonderful trip to UK and much fun at the royal wedding!

    Hehehe, our cats had to check the luggage of my son too.

  6. Have a wonderful trip and hope you get the perfect viewing spot. Watch out for stowaway cats (and propellors although I think a blast from a jet engine would give you an even worse bad hair day).