Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stingray Alert

I have been waiting such a long time for a stingray to come close enough for me to take some pics. I see them going past my house sometimes with just the end of a barbed tail or flaps showing but today my patience paid off when this one came close to the steps. Stringrays can be curious and docile (according to Google) and this one seems to be looking me right in the eye.
I didn't run a tape over him/her but I think it would be about 30" or 75cm across.
He does blend in a bit so could easily be stepped on which is when he might whip his tail round and sting.
Here his flaps are moving and the end of his tail is just out of the water and can be mistaken for a stick.
Love you Stingray, come back soon and please, bring friends.
I was so excited and wanted to share my news. Here's Charlotte, not in a mood for thrills. Emily is there too. She is the lump to the right of Charlotte. Under the bedclothes.


  1. How exciting, Sylvia, you've taken wonderful pictures of that stingray !
    The last picture of Charlotte made me smile, so cute !
    Wish you a lovely day,

  2. Oh my goodness ~ I didn't know that stingrays come right up practically to your back door! So I am guessing you don't go into your water for a swim??

    Hmm... I think I like Emily and Charlotte's idea ~ just curl up in bed and be cozy!!!

    xo Catherine

  3. Terrific photos - of the stingray as well as Charlotte and the bump.

    Next time he/she appears try feeding it (with fish?) that will get you some more stingray friends.

  4. Never heard of this kind of fish, looks like ironed too much ! No wonder that Charlotte didn't move. Is it eatable ??

  5. wow, you got pretty close to that stingray. As for the last pic, I never knew how much they resembled cats ;)

  6. How neat to have that so close to where you live. I would waste hours sitting there waiting for one to show up...:)