Saturday, April 9, 2011

Doll Club Day

Doll club today and there were the usual three sections to enter. First section was 'Doll Holding Easter Egg' and I entered my old Palitoy 'Patsy' doll. I bought her pink suit at the markets and added the fur collar and made felt rabbit ears for her. No prize but I did have fun dressing her up and playing dolls again. Second section was a Rabbit Ornament, I bought the one above for $3 at the Reject shop just so I would have one to enter, no prize but now I have a cute rabbit.
Some of the competion above. #7 won second prize and second from the right at the back won third.
As it's Royal Wedding month third section was Royal Memorobillia, I took along my Charles and Diana slippers but no prize for me but it was good to see the souvenirs other members had.
I did have some luck though with two raffle prizes, the one wrapped in cellophane is a large chocolate rabbit surrounded by small eggs.
And look what I was given for my collection from very generous Doll Club members. The mug on the right is from the Royal Visit to Australia 1954 and the other mug is a Charles and Diana Wedding mug. Also a coronation postcard, a fold out booklet from the coronation, a first day cover and stamps from C and D's wedding and a card showing the gates of Sandringham with information about the history of the gates. All very much valued treasures for my collection and a big Thank You to the members who gave them to me.
I know the are lots of Beanie Kid collectors but I've never taken much notice of them but when I heard a Royal Wedding one had been released-well-I couldn't rest till I had one.
They are a limited edition and hard to come by but a friend spotted some in a nearby suburb and I rushed over and bought mine.

One of the younger members of Doll Club has one and entered hers in the Royal section today.

Not long now till we find out what Kate's dress will really look like. Simple and easy to copy I hope.


  1. A good day by the sound of it. A lucky chocolate win and some new treasures for the royal collection.

  2. A doll club ! that would have been something for my mother, she had a doll collection. When she died I gave them all to charity for poor children. I collect cats, as you know, lol !

  3. Oh my goodness ~ how funny are those royal slippers! Haha! I can't believe it's almost Easter time ~ mmmm ~ chocolate eggs!!

    Looks like you had a lot of fun!
    xo Catherine

  4. Just read on laptop news that the initials are going to be reversed on souvenirs. Mainly to avoid the "WC" references. When I stitch my pieces (I ordered the one from Sampler Girl, too) I'm going to reverse them. Just to be safe.

  5. Your doll and rabbit are cute, Sylvia, sorry you've won no prize !
    So nice you received those lovely gifts from other members !
    Wish you a wonderful week,

  6. What a lovely blog! Delighted I stumbled upon it :)

    Eager for the 29th!!