Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy 85th Birthday EIIR

Today is the Queen's 85th Birthday. Happy Birthday Ma'am. Long my you reign.
I will see you at THE wedding next week and give you an extra special wave.

I think Kate will have lots of competition for Best Royal Bride. The Queen looks beautiful in her wedding dress.

I ordered one of the mugs with Harry's picture put on by mistake instead of William. I'd heard about these mugs on the news and tracked one down. I thought I ordered it from China but it arrived today from Stoke on Trent. A rare collector's item? or a clever marketing ploy? not sure but I had no trouble finding one.

This is the back of the mug. "The Romantic Union of all The Centuries" I hope so,but time will tell .

Also arrived in the post today, an ebay purchase. A beaded milk jug cover from the Royal Visit to Australia 1954. I always seem to be outbid on items like this but my luck held this time and I was the only bidder.


  1. The postman has brought you more Royal treats.

    Doesn't the Queen look a lovely happy bride. Wonder what colour she will wear for Will and Kate's big day.

  2. I'll be looking for you!! Coverage starts at 3AM here and I'll be watching.Later that morning I'll start a 6 hour drive to my hometown for my class reunion.

  3. You must be getting down to the wire ~ how exciting!

    Happy Birthday to the Queen ~ she looks very well ~ how wonderful that she will be able to enjoy her grandson's wedding!

    xo Catherine

  4. As I didn't watch the News for a week I didn't know about the Queen's birthday ! This mug is really funny ! Lucky you that you got one !
    I came back from France yesterday afternoon and am still a little "homesick" not because of the French Riviera (I thought I was in Italy) but because of the stay with Clauie and her family, such warmhearted and cheerful people !

  5. Oh, I nearly missed this post, it didn't show up in my bloglist.
    Lucky you could get that mug, funny about the mistake but it's special !
    A week to go for the wedding, Sylvia, how exciting !
    Happy Easter,